A Girl, A Guy and A Ghost: Humorous Romantic Suspense

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If you read one of these books, be prepared to binge.

Book one in the Lady Sherlock series by award-winning romance author Sherry Thomas takes you back in time to Victorian England, where a clever young woman—working under the pseudonym Sherlock Holmes—sets out to solve a string of murders. Haunted by the unsolved disappearance of her cousin years ago, Emery Finn is determined to find out what happened, so she turns to a professional fixer known as Wren for help.

As they work on the cold case, Emery struggles to resist the temptation of the sexy and enigmatic fixer.

24 Twisted Romantic-Horror Films That You Absolutely Must Watch If Mushy Isn’t Your Thing

Tami Hoag has mastered romance, suspense, and everything in between. In Deeper Than the Dead , Hoag transports the reader to s California, where FBI agent Vince Leone is pioneering a new technique called criminal profiling to hunt down a savage serial killer. Schoolteacher Anne Navarre gets involved with the case—and later with Vince—after her students discover a body on their way home from school. As Vince pursues leads and sifts through the evidence, Anne catches the attention of the murderer.

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This chilling psychological thriller is set in Alaska, where Dr. Evelyn Talbot runs a maximum-security psychiatric facility called Hanover House. The two have been handpicked by the U. Night School takes the reader on an intense thrill ride as Reacher and Neagley race to thwart the plot of a Jihadist sleeper cell operating in Germany. Morgan is asked to represent the man accused of the crime and enlists the help of PI friend Lance Kruger to piece together what happened and track down the true killer.

In her multi-book Morgan Dane series, Melinda Leigh seamlessly weaves together threads of romance and mystery. Subscribers: to set up your digital access click here. To subscribe, click here. Simply close and relaunch your preferred browser to log-in.

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If you have questions or need assistance setting up your account please email pw pubservice. PW Edu. The Perfect Stranger by Megan Miranda. Muir Director: Joseph L. Slowly, a most unlikely romance blooms between the two, as our protagonist Gene Tierney uses the life experiences of the captain Rex Harrison to write a best-selling memoir.

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Michael J. Fox was a blessing for Jackson to land as the lead; he gives protagonist Frank Bannister his typical charm and inherently likability in what ended up being his last feature-length leading role. If you do watch The Frighteners , be sure to check out the blooper clip of Michael J. Regardless, The Fog is a superior film from a production standpoint, reuniting Carpenter with Jamie Lee Curtis, albeit in a less important role.

It concerns a Californian coastal town that is celebrating its th anniversary when dark secrets from the s begin to emerge. Anyone who knows Carpenter would be able to pick out his unique style immediately. Ghost Director: Jerry Zucker. Is it the tastiness of the idea that people taken from our lives before their time might indeed still be accessible, might even be watching over us? Every time you want to write this movie off, something genuinely sweet or genuinely intriguing or genuinely funny reels you back in.

Get a glass of wine, ignore the special effects demons and just go along for the ride as Patrick Swayze avenges his own murder and finds the most elusive ghost of all: closure. To me, this is the quintessential s horror film, even though it comes at the end of the decade.

I can watch this thing over and over without ever getting tired of it. The colorized version is even more fun, replacing the static black-and-white original with an unrealistic palette of color-coded characters you will remind you of the cast of Clue. The Innkeepers Director: Ti West.

Ti West understands this better than most, which is part of what made his earlier House of the Devil so effective. Of course, things do eventually start going bump in the night, and the film ratchets up into a classically inflected ghost story. Under the Shadow Director: Babak Anvari. For most of the film, Babak Anvari is crafting a stifling period drama, a horror movie of a different sort that tangibly conveys the claustrophobia of Iran during its tumultuous post-revolution period.

Seeing Shideh defy the Khomeini regime by watching a Jane Fonda workout video, banned by the state, is almost as stirring as seeing her overcome her personal demons by protecting her child from a more literal one. Hausu Director: Nobuhiko Obayashi. Oh, how to describe Hausu? Animated cats, disembodied flying heads and stop-motion monsters are all par for the course as Hausu goes for the jugular, seemingly trying to overwhelm the viewer with an all-out assault on the senses.

The Conjuring Director: James Wan. Let it be known: James Wan is, in any fair estimation, an above average director of horror films at the very least. The progenitor of big money series such as Saw and Insidious has a knack for crafting populist horror that still carries a streak of his own artistic identity, a Spielbergian gift for what speaks to the multiplex audience without entirely sacrificing characterization.

Reminding one of the experience of first seeing Paranormal Activity in a crowded multiplex, The Conjuring has a way of subverting when and where you expect the scares to arrive. Its intensity, effects work and unrelenting nature set it several tiers above the PG horror against which it was primarily competing.

Polly Whitney Ike and Abby series breezy, New York mysteries featuring a divorced but still star-crossed couple.

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10 Essential Sexy Thrillers

Margaret Atwood The Edible Woman a feminist novel still as funny as it was in George Constable Where You Are a charmingly comic satire of contemporary romance. Trey Ellis modern romance and modern life from the point of view of an African-American man. Jane Heller witty comedies of modern romance, sometimes with suspense elements. Nick Hornby About a Boy a directionless young Londoner finds a new pool of dating material--a single parents' group--in this contemporary satire. Kristin Hunter Lattany Kinfolks two former Black Panther members turn up some surprising secrets in this often funny story of an unusual family.

Elinor Lipman Isabel's Bed one of several contemporary, satiric romances.

Terry McMillan her characters' fresh, often funny voices are one reason for the popularity of McMillan's contemporary romances. Barbara Pym mild, church-going, mostly spinster Englishwomen observe their society with anthropological clarity. Jennifer Weiner Good in Bed witty and tender romantic debut.

Van Whitfield Something's Wrong with Your Scale an African-American man fights the battle of the sexes and the battle of the bulge in this romantic comedy. Douglas Adams Hitchhiker series classics of satiric science fiction.

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Lois McMaster Bujold Vorkosigan saga tongue-in-cheek space adventure. Spider Robinson Callahan's Crosstime Saloon stories tales from an intergalactic watering hole. Rick Reilly Missing Links possibly the funniest golf novel ever written. Charles Rosen The Cockroach Basketball League a funny and honest look at life in the basketball minors. John Sayles Pride of the Bimbos an unlikely softball team tours the deep South. Jack M. Bickham The Apple Dumpling Gang boys help the sheriff round up some outlaws. Max Evans The Rounders a contemporary western about a pair of losers.

Paul Gallico Mrs. Harris stories gentle British humor about an indomitable Cockney woman. Giovanni Guareschi Don Camillo stories sly and sweet comic stories about an Italian village priest.