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I am, however, open to conviction, and if yon ever think of taking a census of opinion in the matter 1 shall bow to the majority.

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The foregoing was written by Dr. Henry C. Doctors, it seems, encounter some weird adventures.

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With regard to the argument against reprinting weird classics, so ably presented by Dr. Marion Crawford and earnestly requesting us to reprint this story and others like it. Opposed to these, we have some eight or ten letters telling us bluntly to lay off the old stuff. What to do?

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Well, since Dr. The Pullman Company should thank us, anyway. This page has been proofread , but needs to be validated. Jackson, Helen Hunt, - Author. Parrish, Randall, - Author. Cory, Charles B. Charles Barney , - Author. A Strange Story?

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The Strange Adventures of Mr. Curtis, Wardon Allan, - Author. The Strange Cases of Dr. Bacon, Josephine Daskam - Author. Lang, Andrew, - Editor Ford, H. Henry Justice , - Illustrator Lang, Mrs. Andrew - Author.

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The Story of Charles Strange Vol. Wood, Mrs. Henry - Author. The Story of Charles Strange , Vol. Cable, George Washington, - Author. Collingwood, Harry, - Author. Quiller-Couch, Mabel, - Author. Leslie, Lawrence J.

Dyer, T. Thiselton Thomas Firminger Thiselton , - Author. Stevenson, Robert Louis, - Author. Line 0.

A Strange and Mystifying Story, Vol. 3 by Tsuta Suzuki

At half-past 5 o'clock the occupant. Hatless and coatless,. He told quite simply. He said he had, after research,. He applied the device to an aero-.

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