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Have you ever been so attracted to someone that you were tempted to stray from the straight and narrow? Or perhaps you simply couldn't relinquish the dice at the table no matter how much debt you'd already accumulated. If so, good news: you may not have been entirely at fault. Asmodeus is one of the latter.

I don't mind cliffhangers, but I don't know if this qualifies I will probably read the rest of the series in the book bundle, without the disrupting breaks, so that I can really enjoy the story. Jun 12, Sara L. It had potential, but it feels like I've been scammed.

My biggest issue - I was expecting a full length book. It ended up being more like a couple chapters. They hardly meet before the book is over and you have to buy the next.

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The next is. I bought it.

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Another couple chapters. Just interesting enough to strong you along, but some grammar problems and repeating the same scenes but from each characters point of v It had potential, but it feels like I've been scammed. Just interesting enough to strong you along, but some grammar problems and repeating the same scenes but from each characters point of view was really tedious and yet another cheap way to barely extend the book without adding any new or interesting content.

Even as short as the scenes were, there was a ton of repeated thoughts, just taking up word count. Very lazy writing. Also generally unpolished.

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It feels self published without enough critique partners and beta readers. I stopped reading after 3rd book.

Could've been a decent story. Dec 11, Linda Levine rated it really liked it. This is an interesting read and the story continues in other books. You have a group that has gained control and a fae princess is working to regain power over the angels. She has been promised to the King but has strong feelings for his brother.

I thought it was interesting how the author presented the chapters from the contrasting views of the two main characters. I prefer when we get both the male and the female characters point of view presented as it makes me feel closer to the characters. It is a shorter read and this is only the first part of their story. The Beginning. The book deserves a five-star rating because the author is able to capture both Princess Rose and Prince Seth's voice well. She was able to write both their perspectives without repetition. The imagery was great.

Angel's Lust

The author always creates these amazing worlds that don't disappoint. I can't wait to read the next book. This was a good start to a love story that's only just started.

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Apr 06, Baya rated it it was ok Shelves: fantasy , writing-style-not-for-me , money-grab. I liked this world and the story, The writing could be better and it was extremely short. Also it's a serial with no proper ending HEA or otherwise and the story is basically split up into loads of books. I didn't dislike though, so won't give a one. Jun 06, Chelsea Murphy rated it it was amazing.

Super addictive! Love love loved! This series rocks!!! Waiting for the 3 couples to come together to beat the dark prince once and for all!!! Decent plot,development of characters and a sense of the worlds involved with a cliffhanger ending. May 12, Marzena rated it really liked it. I had a hard time to stop reading. An interesting story with angels, fea.. Quick and easy to read. I recommend it.

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Ok I normally hate serial novellas but since this is in KU I can easily get the next installment. Which is good because I need to know what comes next. Nov 23, Breeze rated it it was amazing. It is a interesting to read. Feb 19, Annette Rose rated it did not like it. I received a review copy of the book Empress of Mysths Books in exchange for an honest review and to be perfectly honest I'm disappointed.

I know that not every book is meant for everybody and I do appreciate the time and work that they put into and have the courage to in putting their work out there. There are a couple of reasons I am giving it a 1 star rating.

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The first one is that this is supposed to be a 3 book into 1 book its more 3 novellas or parts into 1 book. My biggest complaint is I received a review copy of the book Empress of Mysths Books in exchange for an honest review and to be perfectly honest I'm disappointed. My biggest complaint is that it switches between the two main characters and is often repeating the same thing. Maybe it is to make sure that the reader doesn't get confused.

I don't know but it is distracting. The Angel's Lust is where Princess Rose is being traded to the King of Angels, who by the way aren't the cute and kind beings that they are usually visualized but cruel warriors to protect her people and her father's behind.

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  • Here comes in the High Prince who is his oldest brother of the King and he is to guard her until the king and she are married. Angel Obsession is exactly what the title says. The high prince is obsessed with Princess Rose even though she is to be wed to the king. She is as much as obsessed with him as he is with her but she is determined that she is going to be the downfall of the Angels and is there to stop them from taking over Earth. Finally Part 3, Angel's Indecent Proposal is also exactly what it says. He proposes that he will protect her if she spends the night with him but leaves the ending in a cliff hanger for the following book or part, however you want to see it as.

    If you are into short novellas with cliff hangers then this is probably the book for you. Nov 27, Rebecca Graf rated it it was ok. The Fae princess has been given to marry an Angel prince. Things get complicated as she searched for their weakness and fight the attraction she has for her future brother-in-law. I found this book extremely short and too repetitive.