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Once you read the most popular books and you start looking at less popular ones, you'd be surprised at how many there really are! It's not as popular as Ella Enchanted, but I found it to be a very good read. Noone, with 1 exception, knows what I'm on about and don't care either!!

Um really? It's getting almost as big as HP was!

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The Ravenmaster's Secret is one that I haven't seen or heard anyone reading. It's a really good book. Unfortunatly I've forgotten the author's name. Yeah, cos I'm in Australia, and Western Australia for that matter, no one's heard of them, except for my friends who work in the bookstore. I'm a hardcore Twilighter though, a fanpire or a twihard what ever we are called these days! Oh, I see. It's meant to be popular over here too - it's number somethingorother on the Kid's Top list.

Every time I go in to a bookstore, I do a Twilight check. I went into seven bookstores in Perth, and four didn't have Twilight, although one had an advertising poster. Two only had Twilight, and one only had Eclipse. Here in Melbourne they're in all the bookshops. I love anything by Caiseal Mor but nobody knows who he is.

I haven't seen the Twilight series in any of the bookshops around here! A lot of people haven't heard of The Magician's Guild trilogy by Trudi Canavan, about a very different kind of magical world. None of my friends have heard of it. The Host. It's actually really good, but no one that I know of has read it yet. Crown Duel I found this book at the library like 5 years ago and I kept re-reading it, so I finally bought it it actually started out as a duet, but now it's one book with two parts , and I've read it so much that it's split in half.

I read that when it came out and really enjoyed it!

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I didn't like the sequel, Sorceress, nearly as much though. I've recently gone back to reading mysteries. I love Agatha Christie and Rex Stout, but hadn't found anyone to replace them until a few months ago. I usually browse the books for sale in the library and picked up Music Box Murders by Dr. Larry Karp. Since Dr. Karp is a neurologist and a collector and restorer of music boxes, so is his main character, Dr. Thomas Purdue. I loved the book and picked up the next two through Amazon, only to find out he hasn't written another Dr.

Purdue mystery since Pargeter mysteries also on the library sale table by Simon Brett, only to find that he hasn't written any new Mrs. P mysteries in years, either. Yeah i've read them ones. They were pretty good. I had to read it for school though and no one really liked it except me. I got Sorceress from the library but didn't like it that much specially after Jaybird died. Whenever I ask people if they've read it, they always say no.

Another one is You don't know me by David Klass. I've made everyone in my school read it though and most of them like it. I can't remember half of them now The Gemma Doyle trilogy. It's my second favorite series, Harry Potter being the first, naturally.

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I only know a few people that have read it and the fandom is so inactive. I know a lot of people like the books - especially Twilight fans - but no one does anything. There's only, like, four lj communities for it. It's sad.

I've gotten two friends into it and another friend interested, but it's not that popular. I picked up the first book in the Gemma Doyle trilogy, and really liked it too! However, my three bookstores don't have the next two, nor do Borders in Perth :. Its really one of my favorite books and I came across it quite by accident.

I thought it was really good. I enjoyed it a lot. I've seen that, but I haven't gotten around to reading it yet. Good stuff. I read the prologue online, and the summary in a cover of one my friend has. It looks and sounds really good. Anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is definitely on my favorite book list. She's such an amazing writer; I'm amazed that she doesn't have a bigger fanbase. The Abhorsen Series is also pretty good, and the Georgia Nichols on? I haven't read the last one yet, but I'm hoping that I will soon. And Leven Thumps! The Leven Thumps books are awesome!

However, my three bookstores don't have the next two, nor do Borders in Perth : :wow: Borders doesn't have it?! You really need to read the second book, ASAP.

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The second book is amazing and made me love the characters and everything about the trilogy. It's that great. And the third book was amazing as well. I've seen it in those stores, so good luck finding them. Ooh, I've read the first book! I read it two or three years ago but I forgot about reading The People of Sparks.

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The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins. My best friend got me hooked on them, and they're so awesome! I love them much like my brand-spanking-new avatar that I feel like I must brag about for a few minutes The Private series are really interesting.

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  • Ignatius Critical Edition: The Scarlet Letter (Ignatius Critical Editions).

It's like Gossip Girl with the scandals and teenage life, except with much better writing and a more interesting plot. It's a typical chick lit with a twist - it's a mystery, too! I only know one friend who likes it, unfortunately. There's two books, the Lord of the Fading Lands and The Lady of Light and Shadow, and there's supposed to be another one coming out next year that I'll likely get. It's hard to get a good replacement once you've read Agatha Christie. You're so used to her always surprising plot twists that nothing seems to get you anymore. It's a fantastic trilogy, set in an imaginary land with bits that could make you think of A Wizard of Earthsea but quite a bit more complex and darker.


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She made a prequel trilogy and a sequel trilogy I believe, but I haven't been able to read those, they are hard to find. I read that! Someone else likes it, too!! I got sucked in from the moment I started reading it! I just couldn't put it down! It is definitely one of my favorites. Wicked by Nancy Holder was pretty good; once you get over the confusing beginning that is. The Elements of Lore by Doctor Harry S Hope Bloomin' ace book, starts a series its all about the five elements and how real magic is kept hidden from our own world.

Faith of Our Fathers by N. It's a four-book series about the Civil War and I really love them. They are some of the books I read over and over again. I've read The Amazon Influence and thought it was very good, but no one else I know has read it. Probably becasue it's out of print.