Butterfly Powder and the Mountains of Iowa

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Poetry about life in the Midwest; two specific poems about Iowa. Fradin, D. Iowa in words and pictures. General facts about geography, products, industry in Iowa. Garrison, W. A treasury of Iowa tales. Unusual and interesting stories of Iowa. Geisert, B. Boston: Houghton Mifflin. This book employs quaint drawings and a plain text to document the haystack's role in agriculture's natural cycle. Booklist Great illustrations.

Prairie town. Brief text describes the economic and social partnerships between townsfolk and farm folk, especially those related to the agricultural seasons. Gensicke, M. I is for Iowa.

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I is for Iowa people. Glendinning, R. Ringling brothers history starting in Hake, H. Iowa inside out.

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Discussion and illustrations of Iowa's past. Hanft, E. Remarkable Iowa women. Muscatine, IA: River Bend. Influential Iowa women. Harrison, N. These years of promise Ann of the prairie v. Eureka, CA: Sunrise Books. Pioneer life, women, Osceola County Iowa. Hargrove, J. The story of Black Hawk War. Harstad, P. Follinglo dog book: a Norwegian pioneer story from Iowa. Heath, G. Meskwaki burial mounds: and other stories from Quinlan, Iowa, the eternal town where the corn goddess rules. Bloomington, IN: 1 st Books Library.

Hedges, P. An ocean in Iowa. New York: Hyperion. Hewitt, W.

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Across the wide river. Winnebago Indians, discrimination, Iowa fiction. Hilton, S. The world of young Herbert Hoover. New York, NY: Walker. Biography covering the first 21 years of Herbert Hoover's life. Hughes, H. The man from Ida Grove.


Lincoln, VA: Chosen Books. Personal struggles faced by Senator Harold Hughes. Kent, D. Covers geography, ethnicity, history, entertainment, government of Iowa.

Korson, G. John L.

Lewis: young militant labor leader. Indianapolis, IN: Bobbs-Merrill. Biography focusing on Lewis's rise to being a major labor leader. The different languages indicate this, e. A typical bagworm. In Zambia Chokwe and Ngangala , the local words used for bagworms denote girls undergoing initiation rites at puberty [ 7 ]; pp.


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These girls are kept isolated in especially erected huts covered with grass, like the shelter of the bagworm. The same authors mention that the term is also used metaphorically for a dandy a man who dresses elegantly and fashionably which is an allusion to the insect covering itself with many pieces of grass.

Malaisse [ 12 ]; p. However, for the Gbaya in the DRC, this is only true when a caterpillar is confined to one host [ 10 ]; pp. Others are named according to their appearance colour or stripes or the period in which they are harvested. A large number of caterpillar species are eaten in Africa [ 4 , 13 ]. In , a list of 97 species was compiled [ 14 ]. In central Africa, many caterpillar species are consumed [ 10 ]; pp. In southern Africa, one of most frequently eaten is the mopane caterpillar Gonimbrasia belina [ 19 ] with high nutritional value [ 20 ].

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However, the Mossi and Fula migrants in the northern Sudanian zone in Burkina Faso do not eat it, probably due to cultural assimilation [ 24 ]. In Nigeria Yoruba , C. In Nigeria, the caterpillar is twice as expensive as beef! In the CAR Gbaya , the caterpillars are sold alive, because there are no ways to conserve them. For this reason, the animals are collected very early in the morning. Three Anaphe species are eaten: Anaphe panda syn: Anaphe infracta , Anaphe reticulata and Anaphe venata [ 27 , 28 , 29 ] Lep.

The first species has been farmed by feeding them with leaves of the tree Bridelia micrantha [ 29 ].

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The second species also has B. Anaphe venata lives on the timber tree abachi Triplochiton scheroxylon and cola trees. The caterpillars can be cooked fresh, fried or powdered for storage [ 30 ].