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Seeking backend software engineers experienced in building distributed systems using Golang and gRPC. We are building a secure, and highly available service mesh platform for mission More in the posting.

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We believe that our ability to ship software quickly is a key competitive advantage, and as-such are continually driving ourselves towards a fully realized continuous delivery process. This all means that you'll be helping our with the actual testing of the code and driving improvements to how we test. Should we change how we're using our tools to make this better?

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Yes, we're looking for a combination of all of these things! Yeah, That'd be greaaaaaat Don't forget the cover page on those TPS reports either. In fact, do so enthusiastically. Put another way, you don't let the perfect get in the way of the good.

At Dorsata, we are fervent rabidly obsessive, really believers in frequent, high-touch interactions with our involved, loyal customer base, who drives our roadmap. As we've grown, developers are often removed from the day-to-day, but you should be the type of person who is at least able to empathize and ask good questions of customers. We don't accept resumes from third-party recruiters. We're amazed at the number of random LinkedIn messages from recruiters we see, both on the hiring and job seeking side.

Yes, you're great human beings, but please move along. If we move forward, the next step will be a more in depth call with us that dives into some problem solving about healthcare. Feel free to game the system by suggesting how we should interview for this role. You'd be surprised at how many people don't. Contrast's patented deep security instrumentation is the breakthrough technology that enables highly accurate analysis and always-on protection of an entire application portfolio, without disruptive scanning or expensive security experts.

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  4. Only Contrast has intelligent agents that work actively inside applications to prevent data breaches, defeat hackers and secure the entire enterprise from development, to operations, to production. Serverless computing represents that next generation approach to both. At Contrast our goal is to help our customers build and deploy the most robust and secure software imaginable.

    We believe that not enough is being done in the Serverless space to make Serverless applications secure. Our customers trust us enough to run our agents directly in their applications. We're looking for an engineer to exercise that power carefully, to help us build a quality, thoroughly tested agent that our customers run with complete confidence. You believe knowledge should be shared. You document systems and share knowledge with the rest of the team clearly and precisely.

    You believe the best work is the result of finding the simplest solution to complex challenges.

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    You understand how the code you write interacts with systems and services, both internally and externally. Do it with us.

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    4. We believe in what we do and are passionate about helping our customers secure their business. We work hard, and we have fun doing it. Solve the impossible. Long-term position. Will be working in our team of senior full-stack developers. No agencies.

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      No weak developers. All applicants must pass brief technical skill assessment by dev team. The software schedules meetings for our customers automatically, without subjecting them to the typical back and forth over email negotiating when and where to meet someone. We're looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic individual to join us on the journey in building this new frontier. As part of the development team, you will be involved in all aspects of their mobile solution - used by millions of festival-goers worldwide on iOS.

      You will be working on a premium development platform and asked to build new and cool stuff like integrating a framework to buy beer directly from the event app, using the latest vendors SDKs including private beta SDKs like Youtube and Bose technology to integrate into event app, participating in the redevelopment of architecture of next version of the mobile app product and, if not local to Tampa Bay, there is remote flexible time available.

      It makes us better team members. That's why everyone participates to resolving client issues through an on-call rotation. Your Hays recruiter will lead you through a thorough screening process in order to understand your skills, experience, needs, and drivers. You will also get support on resume writing, interview tips, and career planning, so when there's a position you really want, you're fully prepared to get it.

      Unsure how to write a new resume? Security Scorecard builds a very unique product that rates cybersecurity postures of corporate entities through the scored analysis of cyber threat intelligence signals for the purposes of third party management and IT risk management. Leverage cutting-edge technologies to support new and existing services and processes, drive projects through all stages of development and improving the effective output of the engineering team by managing quality and identifying inconsistencies. Additionally, if the position is a consulting role, Hays offers you the opportunity to enroll in full medical, dental or vision benefits.

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      We are improving lives via SystemOne's Aspect platform which moves data from millions of real-time HIV and Tuberculosis diagnostic tests in 42 countries and the pace is accelerating. We are now looking to support countries as they unlock the incredible value of these data in their health system through our data use program. We are looking for people who love to code and work with other engineers to build meaningful products. This is a remote position and we are looking for candidates from the Americas, Africa, and Europe in order to keep the time difference manageable for the team.

      We strongly encourage people of every color, orientation, age, gender, origin, and ability to apply. Because we value a diverse workplace, we prioritize an inclusive climate absent of discrimination and harassment during the application process and after you join the team. We started our journey with two software engineers and a dream and today we have grown to a team of more than talented people, working each day to bring the world premium sleep products at an honest cost.

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      You will help us understand how things are related to each other, which approaches are working, and which aren't. You'll also help us maintain our data-infrastructure. This includes our reporting and data management, as well as automated statistical and machine learning tools.

      Want to join us? Together, we are shaking things up in the mattress industry and delivering an experience for clients that they would never expect. You will too if you join the team! Your friends and family will also have access to a great product discount. You'll ensure our products reach our customers.

      You'll improve customer experience and administration systems. And you'll collaborate with your engineering teammates on strategic decisions. We rely on CircleCI in our dedication to continuous integration and deployment. Although we maintain a minimum standard of quality, we believe in getting value out of features and enhancements as soon as possible, while rapidly iterating. What worked yesterday might not be the solution today. Our product — Each team member receives a great bundle of products for themselves. Your experience is important to us. We help people all over the world discover the best hiking and biking routes, empowering our users to explore more of the great outdoors.

      You will build and manage a great team of like-minded outdoor enthusiasts from 10 different countries.