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Create File. Curr Oncol. SUMMARY: Cancer survivors and cancer care professionals are interested in the potential role of PA to improve multiple disease-related outcomes, but a randomized controlled trial is needed to provide compelling evidence to justify changes in health care policies and practice. Free PMC Article.

Keep your colon healthy with exercise, healthy foods

Images from this publication. See all images 1 Free text. Supplemental Content Full text links. External link. Raw fruit juices can contain compounds that are hard on the kidneys and liver.

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Without any treatment to kill harmful bacteria and viruses, these juices can also make people ill. It is best to consume fruit and vegetable juices in the form of smoothies to keep all the fiber, water, and nutrients intact. Fiber adds bulk to stool, which reduces the time it spends sitting in the colon and increases the number of bowel movements that a person has. Many natural, whole foods are rich in fiber, including:.

People who find it difficult to get enough fiber through their diet can try taking fiber supplements.

Colon Health

Popular fiber supplements include:. Fermented foods often contain high levels of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that contribute to gut health. These bacteria help the bowels move stool out of the colon regularly and reduce the risk of gas, bloating, constipation, and infection. A healthy gut biome offers numerous other benefits for overall health and immune function.

Natural colon cleanses: Everything you need to know – Colorectal Cancer Canada

Some foods contain resistant starches, which are types of sugar that are difficult for the body to break down. These starches remain mostly undigested and become bulk in the stool. The more bulk there is in the stool, the sooner the bowel is stimulated into action, possibly helping cleanse the colon.

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  8. Raspberries Fiber plays an important role in colon health , and many fruits are rich in fiber. Lentils and Beans Also high in fiber, lentils and beans are easy choices to introduce. Yogurt Dairy products contain high amounts of vitamin D , which has been linked to a reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Brown Rice You may have heard how brown rice is a more nutritious option than white rice, but did you know that it can also help protect your colon?

    Dark Vegetables Like several fruits, many dark colored vegetables are rich in fiber content.