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Navigators of Dune

Old values change, become linked to the landscape with it's plants and animals. This new existence requires a working knowledge of those multiplex and cross-linked events usually referred to as Nature.

It requires a measure of respect for the inertial power within such natural systems. When a human gains this knowledge and respect, that is called "being primitive". The converse, of course, is equally true: the primitive human can become sophisticated, but not without incurring dreadful psychological damage.

Guild Navigators and Spice-Powered FTL - Dune Lore

The sand beach as gray as a dead cheek, A green tideflow reflects cloud ripples; I stand on the dark wet edge. Cold foam cleanses my toes.

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I smell driftwood smoke. Words I wrote when told of Ghani's death. The horde of Lampadas had taught her not to seek oracles.

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The known could beleaguer her more than the unknown. The sweetness of the new lay in its surprises. Could the Rabbi see it? Is that what you want, Rabbi? They are navigators.

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Reread the passage where Paul confronts them at the end of Dune. He asks them: "Guild navigators, both of you, eh?

In Dune Messiah Edric is depicted as a floating web-fingered mutant. Maybe Edric is supposed to be more advanced in his mutation. Or maybe Frank forgot that detail from Dune.

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Or maybe he made various changes to details in the chronicles as suited the story he wanted to tell at the time. To me it feels like the guys with the contact lenses were Herbert's early idea of Guild Navigators. Like the idea wasn't fully fleshed out until the second book where he decided to make them much less human than just having weird eyes. Check out Barlowe's guide to extraterrestrial's There is an excellent illustration of the navigator. Cake Day. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser.

Question about Guild Navigators plot spoiler for original book.