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Promotion strategy includes developing branding, slogans and logos that convey the intangible benefits the service provides. A criminal defense attorney might choose images of open handcuffs to deliver her message. Because services generally are purchased and used at the same time, the location where the service is delivered plays a role in the promotion, price and product.

Part of the reason plumbers and other home-repair professionals charge so much is that they must deliver their service one customer at a time away from their office or shop. Much of how customers rate the service experience hinges on the person delivering it. Professionalism and courtesy go a long way in any service business. Other attributes become critical depending on what services are being offered -- discretion in a psychiatric practice or tact in funeral services, for instance.

Process is the standard operating procedure in delivering the service. Depending upon the situation and location, luxury hotels may require employees to smile, nod, bow, shake hands or otherwise greet guests. Where the company wants to fit in its industry will determine its marketing positioning strategy. This is determined in large part by which generic business strategy the firm employs.

It may determine low costs will be its path to profitability. Those iPod's are all so boring. Another alternative would be to fit the head from a quadraphonic 8 Track player arranged as 2 sets of 4 channels to give independent sound to 4 speakers. And you thought surround-sound was a new thing? An amplifier circuit with 4 channels could then feed some quad headphones.

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There is an instructable somewhere on how to make some for DVD surround-sound. The cartridges are all available on ebay very cheap. They usually require cracking open and the mechanism sorting out. This is not too difficult after a short learning curve.

Have fun! A little off topic, but the old 8-track reel to reel machines, which used the same recording tape as the car units, were in my day the 's a necessary part of any serious music setup. You can still occasionally find good working units in second-hand stores. I've never taken an 8-track tape out of its car player cassette and spooled it on a reel to play on a reel to reel unit, but I'm sure it can be done.

If you own a lot of old 8 track tapes you might consider looking for a reel to reel machine and splicing the tapes together for playing. As I recall, a full 50 ft.

Step 1: Step 1

This is cool, but I don't think I would do it. I would like to add a player to my old stereo system as there a tapes dumped on thrift stores all the time. I had an 8-track in my 74 super beetle in James Brown in fluorescent orange. Yellow Led Zep! I loved it! Nice mod. I am one of the older generation and i know for a fact that i could never appreciate this for what its truly worth.

More projects like this and i'll be one happy kid. Reply 9 years ago on Introduction. I also thought of an auto-loader for the tapes like the magazine from a gun but actually they did make machines like this in the 70's! Just clarify your note: 8-tracks nor the cassette was NOT the first portable media for the automobile On the walkman theme, Audio Technica did try to make a record-player-walkman called the "Sound Burger.

Reply 10 years ago on Introduction. I hate to break it to you but, if you check Wikipedia, you'll see Philips introduced their Compact Cassette in in Europe, a good year before Lear's Stereo 8 was on the streets of the US although there'd been tape cartridges around for a fair few years, they weren't 8-tracks.

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I stand corrected. Maybe it was because the original compact cassetes were made for dictation machines and sound quality early on was really poor until Dolby noise reduction made Hi-Fi compact cassette based machines feasible. I spent most of my youth listening to LP's and compact cassette recordings made from them then CD's as an adult.

Am amazed how good 8 tracks sound when looked after and played using a good machine in that warm analogue way! Yup that what I was thinking, when I read the intro here.


Applying the Eight P's of the Marketing Mix in the Service Industry

However prerecorded 8 track cartridges where widely available before prerecorded cassettes where, Before 8 track, there where 4 track tape cartridges, but they never took hold here in the middle of the USA. I haven't come back to look at this for a while, thanks for all the comments. What I would really like to do next is build a machine where the the 8 track cartridge clips to the front surface.

A complex mechanism a bit like that in a VHS video tape player then pulls out a loop of tape so it can run between a high quality motor, large pinch roller and quality pickup to give a real high quality sound and a great looking machine. PS: this would be a great gift for Fathers day.

This is a great idea! I am one of the younger generation that knows what 8-tracks are.

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I have about tapes with an 8-track player that is built into my old record player. I have been trying to modify an old plunger player to work the same way but I might give this a go and see what happens. Just so you know, I am 16 and a member of 8trackheaven. And with the part of "Mad Man" Ernie Muntz, he actually invented what is called a 4-track and a comany later took his idea and made it better and less complicated in the machine and called it the 8-track because it had 4 sets of stereo tracks while Muntz only had 2, and a big hole in the back of the tape that the pinch wheel flipped up into because it was in the machine instead of in the tape like the 8-track.

This week, Google made no statements at all about when it would deploy any capability or service based on TPUv3 chips. Most of the new hardware development appears to be happening at a system level around the TPUv3 chip. For three decades, Teich immersed himself in IT design, development, and strategy, including two decades at AMD in product management roles. Featuring highlights, analysis, and stories from the week directly from us to your inbox with nothing in between. Subscribe now. If there is anything the hyperscalers have taught us, it is the value of homogeneity and scale in an enterprise.

Because their infrastructure was largely […]. The increasingly distributed nature of computing and the rapid growth in the number of the small connected devices that make up the Internet of Things […]. Arm Holdings has announced that the next revision of its ArmV8-A architecture will include support for bfloat16, a floating point format that is increasingly being […].

I should have included that in my post.

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It is possible, though. And the GPU:s are far more general purpose and ameable for re-programming. Is the benefit that it is simply cheaper for google to build these things rather than buy GPU:s? I suppose its also a good negotiating chip when discussing bulk purchases from Nvidia they basically have a monopoly on this market. Designing your own chip is only cheaper in very high volume. Google does have very high volume internal deployment and is searching for higher efficiency for individual high-volume workloads. The only way to get there is to experiment. Google also repeated throughout the week that they will continue to deploy a lot of GPUs, especially for training.

TPU is dirty cheap. It benefits Google as they get the TPUs at much lower price than the USD Graphics Cards, generally an ASIC would cost a few hundred dollars after finishing designing as a product it is definitely lame and that is why they are not selling the chips.

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  8. And yeah it only helps AI people though. Could not do Wavenet and offer at a competitive price without the TPUs. Plus we can see pricing the TPUs are about half the cost of using Nvidia. Since the datacenters run warm, why not position boards vertically so that convection could remove at least a small part of the heat dissipated? It makes little difference for a small cluster, but their stuff is anything but small.

    Its a good thought.