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Then he called out to the child, "Remember what I told you about time, dear one. It is fluid. You exist outside of time, my dear Selene. Time is changing as you wake up to the truth, find the source of freedom and the temple in the Ziggurat Then she heard it again through the fog of the dream and the echo of the words, " Wake up. Wake up. She opened her eyes and turned her head on the pillow. She felt hot. Her thick honey-blonde hair was stuck to her face and neck.

urgent need by tonight! where to find feather boa and bandanna?

The ocean-blue t-shirt was clinging to her back, and the perspiration turned the hues into darker mottled shades of blue. As she gazed through the glass doors, she could see stars winking and blinking across the inky night sky. The tapping was coming from the sliding glass doors. Her eyes focussed and then she saw a large face and an enormous body emerging through the dark of night. The one they all referred to as Miss Jay - because her favourite colour was blue and the birds considered her to be a lucky Blue Jay - jumped out of bed and scampered to open the sliding glass doors.

Warm air snaked into the bedroom, silent and as unwelcome as a noxious gas. Beads of perspiration bubbled on her skin. Is that you? I thought I was dreaming.

urgent need by tonight! where to find feather boa and bandanna?

I saw a goddess and a young girl What are you doing here? The giant rainbow serpent, with kind eyes, was peering through the open doors. Her large head and thick earthy coloured neck rested on the railing, whilst her short front legs were pointing and tapping on the glass. The remainder of her enormous long rainbow-coloured body, including her powerful rear legs, stretched to the heavens, and the tip of her tail encircled several stars and planets. Miss Jay had first encountered the giant Rainbow Serpent in the expansive outback under a velvet night sky, filled with billions of diamond stars winking above Uluru.

The red, orange and purple sandstone monolith was located in central Australia, in an area also known as the red centre. It was a powerful, energetic core and umbilical cord for the entire earth and was where the Rainbow Serpent had birthed from the very rock itself. Can the partnership between humans and dragons help to bring about a new realm of nirvana on Earth? What will it cost the group of friends? Miss Jay ignored a sense of dread and it will bring her to her knees as more than one life will hang in the balance.


If the group can succeed, every living being may know the peace and harmony on Mother Earth as it is in heaven. Help Centre.

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Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats.

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