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The program emphasizes the impact of community building and cultural pride on increasing safe sexual behavior, and programming is based around peer support. A Boston-based non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Black, Hispanic and Latin LGBT individuals in the area, with the intention of making people with intersectional identities feel welcome and safe in their racial and ethnic communities as well as in the Boston LGBT community as a whole. NorthEast Two-Spirit Society.

The organization aims to educate the larger LGBT community about two-spirit history and tradition, and to expand the community by connecting with other organizations. The authors highlight racial and sexual discrimination that are present not only in larger society but also in the medical world, emphasizing a need for more providers of color and improved communication within the health care system. An article exploring potential interventions for Latino gay men who face high infection rates of HIV, emphasizing the positive impact of social interventions based around social support resources and group identification.

A civil rights organization dedicated to ending racism and homophobia.

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The website also hosts a blog and resource list. The website features research, resources, and basic Two Spirit terminology. A report published by the American Psychological Association APA , targeted toward clinicians, researchers, students, lawyers, and parents who impact legal and policy changes related to lesbian and gay parenting. The report includes a summary of research and additional resources on lesbian and gay parenting.

The organization aims to end discrimination against LGBT people through advocacy and activist efforts, fueled by this support. Family Equality Council. An organization supporting families with LGBT parents. Family Acceptance Project. A research-based initiative working to end discrimination against LGBT youth in the context of their families, cultures and faith communities.

Their website features this research, as well as publications, trainings, and family videos intended to increase awareness, acceptance, and allyship among families and community members. Gender Spectrum offers information and resources to help families, schools, professionals and organizations better understand gender identity and expression, and to better advocate for transgender and gender non-conforming youth.

Their website also features information on current issues around gender identity, as well as information on how to connect with other adults who are working to become advocates for transgender and gender non-conforming youth in their environments. This practice brief by Caitlin Ryan, Ph. HealthHIV offers training, technical assistance, and research to support the improvement of prevention and care methods for people who have HIV, or those at risk of becoming infected.

The organization is particularly committed to equity in care. Resources include web-based training and individualized technical assistance.

The website also features an online Resource Library, which will be updated in to better reflect existing support and information. NAM Aidsmap: Resources.

Joel Burns tells gay teens "it gets better"

Resources include basic information, booklets on aspects of living with HIV, apps and online tools, charts offering information on antiretroviral drugs, news, briefing papers on prevention, and more. This online map allows viewers to explore the prevalence of HIV in various parts of the United States, using data from the U.

The website offers news, assessment tools to understand personal risk, a directory to find an HIV testing site nearby, and information on the Act Against AIDS campaign. Offers fast facts about the prevalence of HIV among gay and bisexual men, including information about HIV among black gay and bisexual men. This article includes data, challenges for prevention, information on what the CDC is already doing to decrease infection rates in this population, and additional fact sheets and resources.

Hosted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC this center works with state and local health departments to promote public health surveillance, prevention research, and programs to diagnose, prevent, and treat cases of HIV in the U. This patient handout, published by the Fenway Institute, offers information on various STDs and their transmission, symptoms, treatment, and testing, to men who have sex with men.

The handout also offers a brief list of resources. The report also offers information on how to offer better HIV prevention and treatment methods for bisexual patients, using the BiHealth program at Fenway Health as a model. Hepatitis Risk Assessment Tool. A 5-minute Hepatitis Risk Assessment developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC , featuring a number of questions and linking their answers to recommendations and explanations.

HIV Presentations. A series of educational presentations, produced by the National Association of Community Health Centers, meant to train providers on implementing routine HIV screening. One of the initiatives of the Office of Adolescent Health OAH , intended to help youth-serving providers and organizations better prevent, test for, and treat HIV among their adolescent population. This webpage offers basic information on HIV infection rates among adolescents in the United States, steps providers and organizations can take to lower these numbers within their population, and tactics for getting youth involved in programs themselves to increase HIV awareness in their environment.

It also outlines the public health role of the medical provider, and includes a list of resources. This article offers an argument for community-based participatory research as a means of lowering HIV infection rates among African Americans. Their website offers contact information to receive technical assistance and capacity building, as well as news and outside resources.

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The website offers information about the study, the medication, and the PrEP initiative. A collection of agencies and institutes dedicated to testing and improving the effectiveness of microbicides for preventing the sexual transmission of HIV. Their website includes a list of enrolling and past studies, sites, meetings, and people involved, as well as a news room and list of outside resources.

Nonoccupational Postexposure Prophylaxis. Includes background information on the prevention method, plans for testing, example antiretroviral regimens, and tips on patient education.

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  5. The site includes basic information on PEP, for whom it is an effective treatment, when PEP should be taken, its side effects, where to find it, and how to pay for it. A publication by the Fenway Institute, providing information on how to get tested for HIV, the best ways to protect yourself, how to use PrEP, how to pay for it. Outside resources are included.

    LGBT in Japan: Yes, it Gets Better!

    The American Psychological Association APA hosts this website for those involved in psychological practice with lesbian, gay, and bisexual clients. The page includes information on issues facing LGB clients, including attitudes toward homosexuality and bisexuality, relationships and families, issues of diversity, and economic and workplace issues. The APA also provides psychologists with more information on education and training around these issues, and includes research to support practice guidelines, as well as outside resources.

    A article by Mark L.

    Rainbow Caravan: The long journey to LGBT freedom

    Hatzenbuehler, Katherine M. Keyes, and Katie A. McLaughlin, exploring the social elements of LGB lives that may protect against the development of psychiatric disorders, including living in areas with higher concentrations of same-sex couples, and other factors. A article by Ilan H. Meyer highlights the concept of minority stress and describes stress processes. A toolkit to help professionals recognize and measure risky health behaviors among LGBT individuals, and to assess their level of social support, social isolation, self-esteem, access to healthcare, and general attitudes and knowledge around LGBT people and identities.

    Includes scoring guides. Violence Recovery Program Fenway Health. The program includes direct client services, community organizing, and public advocacy. A publication by The Joint Commission, offering strategies for U. The guide also includes practice examples, resources, and testimonials. Topics include confidentiality, language, and intake forms. Also, Adrenaline ftw!!! I wonder what Ebonni is up to lately. I hope she comes back one day to drop the finale. Definitely going to read those after Dating App by Alex. It clearly deserve much more recognition.

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    Nice haha. In Adrenaline, I forget which episode it is that you choose a guy or a girl, sounds about right though, and you end up choosing between a guy or girl the entire way… except Eric. Everyone gets Eric.

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    I wonder how many readers actually chose Eric in the end. Poor guy.

    LGBT people of faith caught in the crossfire between two communities | Letter

    Honored you listed The Frontier on here! Thank you for recommending it, as well as these other incredible stories! I really wanted to balance the male and female romances in my story so each character felt real in their own special way. I hope you find more quality LGBT works of fiction in the future!