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Looking for a some alone time now that the kids are back in school and the region has settled down? Try a romantic getaway to Door County. Fresh Air. Fall Traditions. Traditions create connections between people and place, and bind one generation to the next. Families have been creating traditions of their own in Door County for more than a century.

View More. Get Your Copy. Seasonal Highlights No matter when you visit Door County, there will be plenty to see and do. Spring Summer Fall Winter. Explore Door County. Get Our Newsletter! Sign up to receive monthly email newsletters. In addition to providing engaging stories about Nanabush's adventures, this collection also conveys a sense of the long, rich history of places familiar to contemporary North American children.

A pronunciation key for Ojibway words is included. Folklore; Age 10 and older Martinson, David. Illustrated by John Peyton. Teacher David Martinson has written a remarkable easy reader by retelling a traditional tale. Folklore; Age McLellan, Joseph. Illustrated by Jim Kirby.

Pemmican Publications Unit Burrows Ave. After dinner, once the dishes are done and the floor has been swept, grandfather tells them the story of the birth of Nanabosho. Contemporary scenes are illustrated in black and white, while scenes from the traditional tale are depicted in full color. Folklore;Ages McLellan, Joseph.

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Illustrated by Rhian Brynjolson. After listening to the two girls, grandfather shares a Nanabosho story about a time the trickster hero and his friend Soaring Eagle were greedy when they stocked up on fish for the winter. Engaging watercolor illustrations capture the humor and the wisdom of this story within a story. They even take the story one step further by including border illustrations which depict the challenges faced by an older brother who was left home to do the laundry.

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Sigafus, Kim and Lyle Ernst. Native American Trailblazers Series 7th Generation, Bierhorst, John, ed. Illustrated by Joe Servello. Farrar, Straus and Giroux, The original Chippewa words are used in a few of the songs, while many use English translations.

Chants, songs, and melodies are included. Each page introduces a new word - "odamino" means "play," for example, and "wiijiiwaagan" means "friend. A collaboration of women from two tribes, the Oneida and Ojibway, the tales draw from both traditions. Illustrated with color paintings. Fiction; Ages 7-adult. Erdrich, Louise. Hyperion, The continued advance of white traders and settlers into lands once inhabited exclusively by Native peoples is bringing change to the lives of the ojibway, including those on the Lake Superior island today know as Madeleine Island where Omakayas and her family live.

Still, Omakayas's world is defined by the daily and seasonal details of life with her family. When two white traders who arrive in the middle of winter bring smallpox to her village, Omakayas is physically untouched, but emotionally devastated.

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  2. Get Inspired in Wisconsin’s Winter Wonderland.
  3. Queen Elizabeth I.

Louise Erdrich's moving historical novel is an important chronicle of ojibway culture and U. S and American-Indian history.

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This lyrically told story never strays from a child's emotional understanding--of grief and heartbreak, as well as joy and wonder. Chickadee and his twin, Makoons, live with their family away from white settlements and the danger they bring of disease, following the rhythm of the natural world like their mother did as a child. But when Chickadee and Makoons anger a bitter, older Native man with a practical joke, the man's visiting adult sons kidnap Chickadee, planning to make him their servant.

These two, Batiste and Babiche, are both mildly menacing and a source of comic relief they aren't very bright as they carry Chickadee away from the woods and the family he's known all his life, to the northern Plains. While Chickadee looks for ways to escape his buffoonish but still-threatening captors, his extended family is following his trail, anxious, worried, and determined to get their beloved boy back. Chickadee finally gets away, then endures an encounter with well-meaning but misguided missionaries, struggles with aching hunger, and finds relief with the help of a chickadee before finally stumbling upon a band of Metis traders that includes his Uncle Quill, who married a Metis woman.

Meanwhile, his family is growing more and more worried, not only about Chickadee, but about Makoons, who is pining for his brother and becomes ill. Erdrich's writing is pitch-perfect throughout a story that is full of charm, humor, and edge-of-your seat moments while revealing difficult and important truths. Fiction; Ages Erdrich, Louise. HarperCollins Publishers, Forced from their home on what is now known as Madeline Island, they travel by canoe along the shore of Lake Superior through the rivers of Northern Minnesota in search of a new home. In an exciting opening chapter, Omakayas and her brother Pinch are swept away by the rapids and assumed dead.

Unable to resist the opportunity to make mischief, the pair walk into a grieving camp masquerading as their own spirits, triggering a stunned response which quickly turns to a mixture of relief and reproach. During the course of the year Omakayas experiences personal and physical maturity, and is recognized as a woman. Fiction; Ages Hartman, Karen. Illustrated by Louise Bussiere.

She then provides a step-by-step account of how she makes a dream catcher, including explanations of what each part symbolizes. Nonfiction; Ages Ilko, John A.

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Whitson, Nonfiction; Age 12 and older Jaakola, Lyz. Illustrated by Karen Savage-Blue. Nonfiction; Ages Keeshig-Tobias, Lenore. Illustrated by Polly Keeshig-Tobias. Translated by Shirley Pheasant Williams. Momma manages to soothe Polly's hurt feelings and restore her sense of pride by reminding her of some of the things Mishomis grandfather taught her about her heritage. The straight-forward, poignant story is based on a childhood experience of the book's young illustrator.

Picture book; Ages King, Sandra. Photographs by Catherine Whipple. We Are Still Here Lerner, Shannon's life is firmly rooted in her cultural heritage.

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  • A fancy dancer belonging to two drum and dance groups, she goes through detailed preparations to get her intricate costumes ready for performances, but she is proud of her skills in the traditional ways of her people. Nonfiction; Ages Lowden, Stephanie Golightly. Blue Horse Books, Relying on their courage, resourcefulness, and survival skills, the siblings search for their relatives and the safety of their remote location. Includes historical notes, glossary, and annotated resources list.

    Lucas, Eileen. Millbrook, Includes a glossary, listing of important dates, bibliography and index. Nonfiction; Ages Lund, Bill. Nonfiction; Ages Martinson, David.

    Illustrations by Vince Cody. Easy Reader; Ages Osinski, Alice. The Chippewa settled in what is now called Wisconsin and in the Great Lakes area. Nonfiction; Ages Osofsky, Audrey.