LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Optimization

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LTE Signaling: Troubleshooting and Performance Measurement

Karsten Gaenger received a Dipl. He was with the Fraunhofer HHI research institute from to During this time he published several IEEE papers on his development of a reliable real-time streaming system and protocol for Mobile Ad-Hoc networks.

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His research interests are mobile communications, IPTV, and robust real-time video streaming. Currently he is with Tektronix, Inc. He is a Solution Architect with RAN focus for testing and monitoring real-time multi-media streaming in next generation mobile networks.

His current projects include the development of a passive LTE air interface probe. Sign in. Hidden fields. Top charts.

Lte Signaling : Troubleshooting, and Optimization

Add to Wishlist. It explains essential topics from basic performance measurement counters, radio quality and user plane quality to the standards, architecture, objectives and functions of the different interfaces. This extensively updated second edition of LTE Signaling, Troubleshooting, and Performance Measurement describes the LTE signaling protocols and procedures for the third generation of mobile communications and beyond.

It is one of the few books available that explain the LTE signaling messages, procedures, and measurements down to the bit and byte levels; and all trace examples are taken for a real lab and field trial traces. This book covers the crucial key performance indicators KPI to be measured during field trials and deployment phase of new LTE networks.

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It describes how statistic values can be aggregated and evaluated, and how the network can be optimized during the first stages of deployment, using dedicated examples to enhance understanding. Written by experts in the field of mobile communications, this book systematically describes the most recent LTE signaling procedures, explaining how to identify and troubleshoot abnormal network behavior and common failure causes, as well as describing the normal signaling procedures. This is a unique feature of the book, allowing readers to understand the root cause analysis of problems related to signaling procedures.

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