Only a Soldier Understands: Every GI’s Reflections and Reminiscences of Military Life

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Learn about the Federal hiring process and Federal resume writing techniques. Qualify for the job you want, interview to win and get the salary you deserve. Author: Chandelle Walker. Living as a military child can often be challenging. Have you wondered what a military deployment is like from the eyes of these children?

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Have you thought about what they might be feeling, and do you question how to help them get through it? Army , author Chandelle Walker offers insight from a child's perspective to help you understand the emotions your child may be feeling as a separation occurs. Through rhyme and illustrations, this picture book shares the challenges of deployment but also the joys of serving the United States in the military. Daddy Left with Mr. Among them - Aaron Carson Vaughn, a small-town boy who grew up in the hills of Tennessee and lived a life larger than most.

Told through the eyes of Karen, Aaron's mother, this tender story of faith, family, and love grips the heart and shows how one family raised an American warrior filled with courage, tenacity, and patriotism. The Vaughn's story is not one about war or about a grieving family, but rather one of triumph and God's sustaining grace. Woven throughout Karen's story is practical advice for today's parents. Also included at the end is a study guide for those who desire to go deeper and learn how to raise children who live life so well that they leave a legacy.

World Changer. Author: Suzanne Gordon.

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The resulting public debate about the future of veterans' health care has pitted VHA patients and their care-givers against politicians and policy-makers who believe that former military personnel would be better served by private health care providers. This high stakes controversy led Suzanne Gordon, award-winning health care journalist and author, to seek insight from veterans and their families, VHA staff and administrators, advocates for veterans, and proponents of privatization.

Gordon spent five years closely observing the VHA's treatment of patients suffering from service related injuries, physical and mental. The VHA, Gordon argues, is an integrated health care system worthy of wider emulation, rather than piece-meal dismantling for the benefit of private contractors. In the unusual culture of solidarity between patients and providers that the VHA has fostered, the author finds a working model for higher quality health care and a much-needed alternative to the practice of for-profit medicine.

Author: Travis Thrasher. Darren and Heather Turner share a passion for serving God, family, and country.

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When Darren returns, he is no longer the husband Heather once knew. She is no longer the woman Darren wed. Indivisible: One Marriage. One Family.

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Under God A Novelization. Author: Robert Noland. Marriage is worth the fight. The devotional offers couples inspirational devotions, prayers, guided journaling, and a Take Action challenge. It is great for any couple who wants a strong marriage under God. Indivisible: One Marriage Under God is practical for any couple who wants to deepen their relationships with God and each other. This is the perfect gift for military families, newlyweds, and those looking to strengthen the foundation of their marriage.

Born into a military family, Harris Faulkner revered her father, a decorated career officer who served three tours of duty in Vietnam and raised his children with the values and ideals of the U. Accompanying him from posting to posting, young Harris experienced firsthand how success in life was rooted in the knowledge, integrity, and leadership that came from her military surroundings.

Once A Warrior King: Memories of an Officer in Vietnam

Indeed, these formative lessons in leadership and work ethic became the guiding principles for her career as a journalist, lessons she credits with her rise to become one of the top hosts on Fox News. Now, she shares the advice, wisdom, and tools that she absorbed through her military upbringing, examining how these ideals have shaped her professional and personal outlook and how everyone can incorporate them into their own lives.

Illustrated with sixteen pages of never-before-seen photos of her early life and career, this instructive book, part memoir, part motivational life guide, reminds us of our most important values—the keys to a successful life. Author: Kathy Borkoski. Teach your children early about the joy of beating Navy.

The Army-Navy rivalry is one of the nation's most famous and long lasting college rivalries. This rivalry goes beyond the football field and is embraced by each school's student body. Reading books with little ones is an amazing time for connection and shared experience. More children's books about the U. Go Army! Beat Navy! Author: Erin Christie. A child needs only a star to let them know their parent is not too far.

This holds especially true for a child with a parent in the military.

These families face numerous transitions and challenges, and deployment of a parent can greatly affect all of them. Coping with the difficulties of separation, while trying to stay connected to someone you love and miss so much can be a daily struggle. Same Starry Sky is a story about staying connected. It illustrates the shared experience between a child and their parent that brings them together no matter how many miles may separate them. It can provide a source of comfort to both the child and their parent by offering a simple way to feel closer.

Same Starry Sky. Author: Thomas Paul Reilly. It is and he has left the war, but the war has not left him. He carries with him a profound sense of unfinished business, and struggles to find meaning amid days packed with the responsibilities of a life he no longer understands. Even with the patient, loving support of his girlfriend, Cheryl, Timothy cannot escape the shadow of war.

Then he meets the mysterious Hoffen.

Military Scholarships: Everything You Need To Know and Do

A voice of tragedy, wisdom and hope, Hoffen has traveled through the darkness and emerged on the other side. Maybe, just maybe, Timothy can do the same.

The Horrible Things North Korean Soldiers Have To Go Through

Timothy's odyssey is every veteran's story to some degree, with alienation, hyper-vigilance, substance abuse, relationship problems, guilt, flashbacks, nightmares, and depression as his constant companions. Hope in the Shadows of War Novel. It's a guided journal to help you work on you as you travel this military mom journey. We give you weekly things to work on, think about and research to help enrich and strengthen your experience as a military mom. As a military mom, it can be an emotional roller coaster full of unknowns and fear.

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I often wished I had a guide to get me through those tough times. Each week features ways in which you can take action to awaken your strength, energize your spirit, and push through your fears. There is also room for writing reflections, thoughts, and introspections. This journal is perfect for mothers of service members from all branches of the military: Army moms, Air Force moms, Marine moms, Coast Guard moms and Navy moms. As you go through this journal for military moms, know that you are amazing!

You raised an incredible person that is a member of the best trained military in the world. Resources for supporters of military and veteran families. Adopt a military family. Caring with meals.

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