RELATIVE STRANGERS (Novel of TV Drama Series starring Oscar-winner Brenda Fricker)

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The dialogue and situations simply never feel authentic. The younger characters are poorly developed and hollow. The older ones are mysterious in all the wrong ways. How on earth did firecracker Fricker end up with stuffy James Fox? And why is he so enraptured by such a dull blonde zero? Fri, Mar 7, , First published: Fri, Mar 7, , More from The Irish Times Film. Capture the taste of Christmas in these cocktail and dessert recipes. Wearable tech: 'It has helped by putting structure on going to bed'.

Need a more efficient business? Take the Productivity Challenge. You are one of those people. Whether you enjoy streaming movies via WolfeOnDemand. Thanks for always paying for your movie watching. Watch and Share! Visit WolfeOnDemand. Emory Cohen Smash, The Place Beyond the Pines and Wendell Pierce The Wire, Treme give gripping performances as a white gay young man named June and a middle-aged black businessman named Joe who hook-up for a secret encounter in this award-winning drama.

Bonilla over the course of a hot July 4th evening. The first time two Oscar-winners portray same-sex lovers on screen! GAY New Releases. Box 64 New Almaden, CA 1. Take any opportunity you can to see this film. Robin Weigert stars as a suburban lesbian whose midlife crisis finds her drifting away from her super-tense wife Julie Fain Lawrence , flirting with a straight girl friend sexy Maggie Siff and turning tricks with women while redecorating a downtown apartment.

When straight A student Yolanda — aka Mosquita Fenessa Pineda decides to help struggling tough girl Mari Venecia Troncoso with her homework an intense attraction evolves between the two. Season 3 of the SyFy lesbian cult hit follows the adventures of supernatural bisexual heroine Bo super hot Anna Silk including her primary relationship with Dr. Lauren knock-out Zoie Palmer. A Must-Watch!

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Gavin super-cute Jason T. This spectacular production recreates the glittering world of Liberace Michael Douglas and his tempestuous relationship with Scott Thorson Matt Damon. Featuring a pair of electrifying performances by Douglas and Damon. As their relationship deepens both Roy and Nimer will be forced to make difficult choices in this intimate and dramatic romance. Does sex life end for gay men as they approach 50? Get your hands on the first two seasons of this hilarious show now!

A big hit at the Sundance Film Festival, this comedy-drama is notable as the first and only screen adaptation of the work of David Sedaris.

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James as the irrepressible character of David, who crosses paths with a wacky array of characters when he travels to Oregon to work as an apple picker. An intimate personal journey from loneliness to true friendship, Face 2 Face follows the 11,mile cross-country adventure of Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, Katherine Brooks Loving Annabelle, Waking Madison as she connects with fifty random Facebook friends — in person!

An inspiring and deeply moving, must-see film.

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When unconventional Molly hooks up for her first-ever lesbian one-night stand with marriage equality activist Mercedes, both of their worlds are turned upside down in this fun film that has a big heart. Their New York City lesbian romance unfolds over the course of a wild, wild night.

Co-starring Kylie Minogue. The inspiration for Loving Annabelle! German with English subtitles. The film is a fearless, intimate portrait of James Dean on the cusp of becoming both a great actor and an outsider icon. Gay teen Tim Tyler Ross, American Milkshake and his friends grapple with the fundamentalist Baptist beliefs of their families.

Tim has the support of his PFLAG Dad, and copes with a complex relationship with the church drama teacher who is struggling with his own sexuality. An unforgettable gem from Stephen Cone Black Box. French with English subtitles. Alan Cumming and partner adopt abandoned teen. Chris Colfer Glee stars as precocious gay teen. Hilarious gay French bedroom farce! Monster Pies Terrific Australian gay high school love story.

Five years later, the two young Mormon ex-lovers are unable to resist the pull of their forbidden love for each other. When shy teen Pablo Joe Diazzi and his slightly older friend Marco Carlos Luque take an impromptu road trip to the Mexican desert — the journey makes them face what they really mean to each other. This fresh and touching gay drama showcases a powerful story of two guys and a video camera.

Spanish with English subtitles. Dutch with English subtitles. This sexy, exhilarating drama shocks right up to the final frame. Starring super hot Nicole Pina! And oh my goodness. The very first selection on this list touches my heart. Grips my heart. And last night, my daughters and I watched a movie titled, The Help. So just the inclusion of The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman is enough to entice me to enter this giveaway. Thank you!

Everything is linked to where you can stream or buy the DVD, hope you find something to love.

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When shocking national events threaten her sense of security, Melody must find inner strength to restore her hope for a better world. I love Janette Oke and had all of her books as a teenager in this series.

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  4. Stella Days.
  5. Eidetic: Wee, Wicked Whispers: Collected Short Stories 2007 - 2008.

She is a very dear author to my heart. I haven't watched the series but would very much like to some day. Thank you!! I really want to see it now. I love period dramas. I can get completely lost in them, bliss! Thank you so much for the giveaways. I have seen a number of these films over the years. On the other hand, many of these are new to me. Thank you for the giveaway!!

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I shared the Easter period films here because today is Easter and I wanted other period film fans to know about them! Wonderful giveaway! I shared 35 Period Dramas for the Easter season on Twitter because I have several religious friends who are always looking for new movies. Oooh we would love to win this to share with our homeschool group! Thank you for having this giveaway! So many wonderful films.

  • Brenda Fricker.
  • Storia dItalia (1861-2001) (Gli spilli) (Italian Edition)!
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  • Los trapos sucios (Spanish Edition).
  • Bridging the Gaps.
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  • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang has always been my favourite, Children of the New Forest takes me back to my childhood when it was a must read book at my school. The others sound amazing would love to see them all. I would absolutely love to win this!

    • The Loom of Life: Unravelling Ecosystems;
    • 99 career (99 Book 8).
    • #Industry: Irish Film Board appoints Lesley McKimm as new project manager - Scannain!
    • Bear Attraction: A Shifters Unbound Novella.
    • Being one of 5 girls in my family. All of us love these type of movies and shows! I shared the website article on my Facebook page! I would love the opportunity to watch all of these great period movies!! Hi and thanks for this awesome Giveaway! I shared a few posts, but this one was a MUST! Looking forward to checking out some new shows!


      Fortunately I have a public library, so I could start quickly. Thank you for the post. Some of these are pretty hard to find and may not be available through the library, but I hope you do find many of them or win. For the rest you may want to follow the links and source them that way.

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