St Vipers School for Super Villains. The Big Bank Burglary.

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Alonzo is the ultimate alpha male — he can win you over with a smile before beating you into the dirt. Forget the Constitution. Alonzo's word is law, but he has such a good time bending the rules that it's really hard to hate the guy. Yeah, he's a murderer. Yeah, he doesn't care about your Miranda rights.

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But there's nothing about the man that isn't cool. From the way he holds his pistols to the way he cruises around town in his Monte Carlo , Alonzo is the ultimate badass. When he walks across the street, the cars stop for him On top of all that, he's a chess player, manipulating drug dealers and rookie cops like they're pawns on his own personal board.

And even though he wants to set up poor Ethan Hawke, it's hard not to admire his power and intelligence. Honestly, that has everything to do with Denzel Washington, who won a Best Actor Oscar for his portrayal of the narc who's badder than King Kong, and it's almost impossible to imagine anybody else in the role. Despite his glowering gaze, Washington brings an instant likability to every character he plays, including killer cops.

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Kill Bill Vol. They've shot all the guests, murdered the groom, and it seems like they've killed Kiddo's unborn daughter. So when Kiddo gets her Hattori Hanzo sword and starts hunting for blood, you don't sympathize with the monsters who ruined her wedding day. As Budd so eloquently puts it in the sequel, "That woman deserves her revenge, and we deserve to die.

But while we hope Kiddo will slice these snakes up, you still have to admire O-Ren Ishii. Played by Lucy Liu, O-Ren is the head honcho of the Tokyo mob, and you know climbing to the top of the Japanese underworld was no easy task, especially since she's a woman of Chinese-American descent.

The woman's got moxie, and if you say anything about heritage, she's going to take your head. However, the real sympathy for O-Ren Ishii comes from her anime backstory , where we learn her parents were murdered by the yakuza. Worse still, she was a kid when it happened So O-Ren grows up fast and mean, avenging her parents at age With that kind of background, you totally get why she's such a cold hard killer.

On top of all that, she wins a lot of likability points when she fights the Bride because she does so with honor.

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While Elle Driver and Budd use sneak attacks, O-Ren follows the Bushido code and even apologizes to Kiddo before her death by incredibly close haircut. And perhaps most importantly, O-Ren really knows how to make an entrance.

Tom Cruise has played a lot of cool characters of the years, from the stunt-happy Ethan Hunt to the high-flying Maverick, but there's no Cruise character cooler than Vincent from Collateral. With his silver hair and steel gray suit, the man is like a great white shark, always moving and always hunting. He's a contract killer, looking for five unlucky victims, and he drafts a hapless cab driver named Max Jamie Foxx to ferry him around L.

As they cruise the late-night streets, Vincent holds court in the back of Max's cab, giving life lessons and dropping any fool who gets in his way.

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Even though Vincent views the world through nihilistic glasses, he forms a bizarre bond with his kidnapped cabbie, giving the man advice and encouraging Max to stand up to his obnoxious boss. If he wasn't a psychopathic assassin, it would be awesome to have Vincent as your very own shoulder angel of death. On top of that, Vincent is smooth like jazz, an incredible improviser who can charm anyone he runs across, from Max's irascible mother to every movie lover on the planet.

But at the end of the day, Vincent is a professional, which means he's got people to kill, and nobody is going to stand in his way. The infamous scene where Vincent confronts a couple of thugs in an alleyway pretty much sums up this stone cold character. His quick draw is so fast, his aim is so precise, and the man feels absolutely no remorse when he drills the creeps with three bullets apiece. Of course, that ruthless efficiency just makes him even cooler. Old Joe is likable from the get-go. It doesn't hurt that he's played by Bruce Willis, one of the most beloved action stars of all time.

Plus, the man is in a serious bind. He's been kidnapped by the mob and sent back in time so a younger Joe Joseph Gordon-Levitt can blow him away with a blunderbuss. That kind of fate gets you automatic audience sympathy. And as we learn Old Joe's backstory future story?

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The two are truly happy together, and it seems like Old Joe has finally found peace So not only is he being hunted by his younger self, but he's trying to change the future and save his wife from getting gunned down. What's not to like about that? But here's the big twist of Looper : Old Joe is the villain. Because once he goes back to , he turns into the Terminator. He thinks the only way to save his wife is by murdering an omnipotent crime boss called the Rainmaker, and his plan is to kill the all-powerful mobster as a kid.


Even worse, since there are several boys who might be the Rainmaker, he's going to shoot all three to make sure he gets the right one. Yeah, Bruce Willis is trying to murder children. And sure, we're completely appalled, but we also understand where he's coming from. Granted, Old Joe is a selfish monster, so consumed by his own pain that doesn't care about filling little boys full of lead.

Still, as far as kid-killers go, Old Joe is the most likable of the bunch. With the likes of Loki, Thanos, Vulture, and Zemo, Marvel has created some truly compelling bad guys. But the studio might've hit its supervillain peak with Erik Killmonger, a character so popular that he's inspired conversations , think pieces , memes , and broken retainers.

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In fact, he's so beloved that fans across the world all came to the same conclusion: that Killmonger was right. We didn't hear anybody saying "Ultron was correct" or "Hela was justified," and even though he wanted to kill T'Challa in ritual combat, fans adored this special ops supervillain. A lot of that has to do with the fact that he's played by a muscular Michael B. Jordan, one of the best and most charismatic actors to ever show up in the MCU.

It's also because Killmonger has a sick sense of humor , knows how to handle himself , and he's completely covered in badass scars and we know every single bump means this is one deadly dude. But ultimately, Killmonger is so popular because the man is so sympathetic. His father was murdered by a king, and then he was completely abandoned by his family.

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He grew up in a world that doesn't look kindly on young black men, and eventually, he was so overwhelmed by the pain of his people that he decided to do something about it. While Wakanda sits by in silence, Killmonger is trying to change the world. Becoming king is just the means to an end. His plan isn't just about gaining power, it's about striking a blow for freedom.

He's a man driven by righteous anger, and while his supervillain scheme gets a bit too murdery, it's easy to see why so many people think this guy was right. All rights reserved. Movies that trick you into liking the bad guy. A champion who wants another chance. He's part Buddha, part bank robber. But a new boy, Copycat, changes all that and soon tries to take over.

Can Demon win the battle to be the best baddie? The Riotous Rocket Ship Robbery. Now, if he can just survive till the end of term. Every child in the school had a story in it. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Kim Donovan.