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Transport disruptions lead to starvation! Final Journey] Image of an ocean with massive waves and a silhouette of a sailboat.

Brave (OST) - Into the Open Air lyrics + German translation

Bauer Propaganda Stuttg. Christmas donation for children of unemployed persons of Hamburg — Alton] Image of a mother and her child huddled together under a blanket; in the background is a big pine tree, in silhouette; snow is falling I took iron for honor. Bring your gold jewelry to the gold purchasing centers! Give your boundary donation. Von Hindenburg] [Text is a quote written in Von Hindenburg's own hand. By remittance from account to account. Every remittance, every cheque reduces banknote circulation and strengthens the German monetary economy.

Therefore: open an account with your bank, savings bank, cooperative bank, community giro bank or the post office, pay in all the unneeded cash — you yourself will benefit to the utmost. Ploutka A. Wohlfeld, Magdeburg, Germany Red Cross 73 x Collect women's hair! Wohlfeld, Magdeburg, Germany Red Cross We need books. Give money! Koll Red Cross 86 x Without coal, hardship!

Subscribe to the war loan. Lunkebain Art. Walch Ch. Seitz, Mannheim, Germany 9th War Loan 99 x Georgi Kriegsanleihe x Subscribe to the war loan] smaller version of GER ; larger version of GER Image of a German soldier, with gas mask hanging from his neck, gazing into the distance. Have you subscribed to the 6th war loan yet? Koll Kriegsanleihe All we love is at stake! Times are difficult but victory is certain. So subscribe to the War Loan. Germany will persevere--the enemy will be taught a lesson!

Support war loans] larger version of GER Image of a wounded German pilot standing in the cockpit of an airplane. Support war loans] [Smaller version of GER ] Image of a wounded German pilot standing in the cockpit of an airplane. Subscribe to the ninth!

Transformed into submarines… Draw war bonds! Comrade, subscribe to the war loan! That is How our Enemies Want it! Therefore draw war bonds! For a good peace!

The arch enemy is England! So, remain united! Remain strong! And you will assure Germany's victory! Jeder, der Ehre u. Frederick the Great — ] Image is a three-quarter-length depiction of Frederick the Great, facing the viewer; behind him is a white cloud A.

Cay Hermann Bergmann, Berlin, Germany Everything for freedom! The first three images are of bread, sugar and potatoes, marked with price tags, illustrating price differences between various countries. The fourth and fifth images are of silhouettes of merchant ships and warships, illustrating the number of ships sunk. The sixth image is a bar chart showing the rise of freight costs in England.

The seventh image is of a large crowd of Entente prisoners. The eighth image is of a soldier being carried on a stretcher, illustrating the number of dead or wounded Entente soldiers.

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The ninth image is of a large howitzer and a small artillery gun, illustrating the large number of artillery guns and machine guns captured by the Germans, compared to the small number of artillery guns possessed by the American army at the start of the war. The tenth image is of a crashed British biplane, illustrating the number of Entente aircraft shot down. The eleventh image is of a German soldier standing on a map, illustrating the amount of land occupied by the Germans, and of an Entente soldier standing on a much smaller area, illustrating the amount of land gained by the Entente..

The first is a depiction of the heads of three infantrymen. The second is the heads of three civillian males. The third is of three stacks of books. The fourth is of three invalids. The fifth is of three laurel wreaths. The first is of three invalids. The second is a depiction of the heads of three infantrymen. The third is the heads of three civillian males.

The fourth is of three stacks of books. In the center, under the title "Who is the Victor? The central images depict artillery guns and a tank. The lower image is a map of territory gained in northern France and Belgium L. The men and the ships are different sizes to represent their nation's different amounts of military spending.

The upper images are depictions of French Nieuport biplanes. The lower image is a depiction of a German industrial works which has been heavily bombed and is now ablaze Hermann Bergmann, Berlin, Germany Blockade Buster] Image of a ship, in silhouette, at sea; three warships, visible on the horizon, are firing shells at the ship, one of which has caused an expolsion on the deck; two other shells fall into the sea.

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And who made it extend this long? John S. Malz, Berlin, Germany 71 x New York State Library's copy has coloring that varies slightly Average monthly performance in the first 6 months of ] Image of a seascape in which a German U-Boat, flying the German war ensign, is just visible above the waves; several of her crew are crowding on the viewing platform to watch a ship sinking in the distance; a smaller image is of a set of scales, weighing a pair of barrels L.

Wohlfeld, Magdeburg, Germany Through victory to peace! Thus things go through hard times to the harvest festival of peace, if neither of the two takes his hand off the wheel. Krotowski Propaganda Verlag 69 x Pietsch, Brewlaw, Germany Schlesische Notwehr 88 x Bolshewismus Keist Safis Heymann u. Eric Langren x Raus mit Guch Siegm. Wigankow, Berlin, Germany 92 x Lotte Reiniger Nachrichtentruppe 83 x Hartkopf, Berlin, Germany Detachment Tullmann 94 x Sohn, Munich, Germany 98 x Sauer, Berlin, Germany Freiwilligen Division 94 x Wir Arbeiter und B?

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Vortrag m. Sohn, Munich, Germany Reichswehr [recruiting] x Heimkehrende Krieger! Die Heimat ist in Gefahr! Freiwillige vor! Not, Elend, Hunger, Zerst? November 51 x Hagelberg, Berlin, Germany Deutsche Reichsanleihe 69 x Hagelberg, Berlin, Germany Kriegsanleihe 70 x Erdt Kriegsanleihe VII x Dittrich Freiburger Werkstatten, Freiburg, Germany 74 x Hauschild, Bremen, Germany 89 x Wolbrandt 68 x Schaurath 89 x Freie K? Deutsches Volk! Christliches Volk! Image of a huge, muscular, nude figure in a Roman helmet tearing down the towers of Munich's Frauenkirche; in the background is a blue-and-white checkered pattern representing the Bavarian flag Bayerische Volkspartei 99 x Der Wahlsturm fegt durch's Land! Bavarian People's Party] Image of a man in red running from a deluge of blue and white checkered pieces of paper representing the Bavarian flag marked Bayerische Volkspartei Anstalt, Munich, Germany Bayerische Volkspartei 99 x Spartakusbund [Kommunistischen Partei Deutschlands] Berlin 96 x Helft Alle!

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Bleibe treu mein Vaterland! Westphalen Flensburg 51 x Flensborg 78 x An die Berliner! Jaeckel Goethe 70 x Das Neueste! Das Gold dem Vaterland! Rette die Abstimmungsgebiete! Horses, vehicles, tackle…] Image consists of nineteen two-tone images of the equipment and produce of agriculture and industry Inscription Kunstanstalt Weylandt, Berlin, Germany 68 x Sammelt Obstkerne!

Sigrift Propaganda Stuttgart, Germany 94 x Und eure Pflicht? Harret aus! Zeichne die Kriegsanleihe! Georgi Kriegsanleihe 33 x 23 Box 8. Helft uns siegen! Ich gehe hinaus an die Front! Zeichnet die Neunte! Consee, Munich, Germany Kriegsanleihe 71 x Levi, Stuttgart, Germany Kriegsanleihe 62 x Hagelberg, Berlin, Germany Kriegsanleihe 57 x Und Ihr?

Soll diesesElend weitergehen? Zeichnet Kriegsanleihe!