Systemic Approaches to Training in Child Protection (The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series)

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Books that are included in The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series

Based on a research project which demonstrated the effectiveness of systemic therapy, this book can be used as the basis of a training programme in systemic couple therapy, as a phase in the treatment of depression. It describes in explicit detail the range of techniques used and can therefore also…. The author, with over twenty years of experience of working with children, writes refreshingly about the practical aspects of his work.

He takes traditional and contemporary theories and explains them in the context of how he works with children. By Judy Hildebrand. The book opens a very important debate for the family therapy field. At a ie of treatment rationing and standard setting, it aptly draws our attention to an issue of increasing importance: training the highest-quality family therapists. The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series: Kindle Store

In addition, it offers trainers and supervisors an invaluable…. By Rudi Dallos. This book, offering reader the opportunity to reflect on ideas in the field of systemic and family therapy, examines the cross-fertilization of ideas that can result from an integration of systemic theory, personal construct theory, and the influential work on the analysis of narratives. By Margaret Robinson. Based on the Family Law Act, this book looks at how the therapist can work with the different professions involved in a divorce, how children might be consulted, and ways in which vulnerable family members can be protected.

By Glenda Fredman. Death Talk is about the healing power of conversation. It gives numerous examples of children and their families being released from the grip of sadness, isolation, and fear by talking about their own experiences of death. Locating themselves clearly within the tradition of the Milan approach and more recent social constructionist and narrative influences, and articulating continually a broad systemic framework emphasizing meaning…. Edited by Carmel Flaskas , Amaryll Perlesz.

Anyone following the recent developments of systemic thinking will be aware that activity has not been restricted to Europe and America. Systemic therapists and writers from both Australia and New Zealand are now making a major impact on the field, particularly in the way they explore therapy as an…. By Chris Farmer. It is now increasingly recognized that psychodrama provides a valid and useful tool in many different contexts; equally, practitioners in a wide variety of fields are acknowledging the benefits that a systems thinking approach can bring to their work.

This book unites the two by describing the…. By Arnon Bentovim. This book is about the experience of individuals who have been abused or who have abused others, but it also traces the way an abusive experience can organize a family or professional system so that changes are difficult to achieve. By Charlotte Burck , Gwyn Daniel. Burck and Daniel share the personal meaning that gender holds for them, and the open and enquiring, rather than definitive, style of their writing makes it easy for the reader to grasp their ideas.

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The authors' handling in the early chapters of the many intellectual conundrums about gender is clear…. Two central ideas have become part of the orthodoxy of modern family therapy thinking. The first is that the therapist is part of the system he or she observes, and the second is that the therapist and family create a co-evolving reality through their interactions until now. No one has described…. Irreverence: A Strategy for Therapists' Survival marks the end result of a collaboration between three creative and highly respected therapists and writers in the family therapy field. It continues the tradition of the Milan group and later systemic thinkers by examining the way a therapist's own….

By Lynn Hoffman. For this book, the author has not only compiled her writing for the last ten years, but she has written her own commentary about the personal and intellectual journey which led her from one paper to the next. The papers themselves read like a chronicle of the major ideas of the past ten years, but…. By Gerrilyn Smith. This book contributes to the scientific and ideological debate on child sexual abuse and illuminates the trainer practitioner in the process by recognizing that human services training is built on the ideology and values of the sponsoring organisation, the participants, and the trainer.

Family Therapy: New Intervention Programs and Researches: Systemic Family Approach in Health Care

By Bradford Keeney , Wendel A. For some time the family therapy field has been moving away from a problem-based approach to work with clients. Ideas such as "creating a new family story", focusing on strengths and solutions, and making contracts with family members have all shifted interest toward a new approach to therapy.

By Ivan B. Inger , Jeri Inger. Edited by David Campbell , Rosalind Draper. This book illustrates the unique systemic approach of the Ingers who are well-known teachers and co-founders of the Family Studies Institute in Portland, Oregon. Their work combines elements of the reflective team approach with a model of co-therapy. It is a fresh and innovative application of…. The teaching of family therapy has been the subject of serious scrutiny since the onset of training and accreditation many years ago, yet there are relatively few attempts to apply what we know about systems and the ways they change family therapy teaching as a two-way process.

It is as though….

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Therapists recognise that the practice of systemic family therapy is as much about the way one thinks as it is about what one does, and this book was the first in this field to address specific ways of teaching people to think sytemically. It discusses the way people learn; the components of a…. Second Thoughts on the Theory and Practice of the Milan Approach to Family Therapy is a full discussion of the way the original techniques of the Milan Approach have been affected by current thinking in the family therapy field.

Hypothesizing, neutrality and circularity, for example, are all…. By Elsa Jones. The author, working from the Family Institute in Cardiff, has been treating adult survivors of child sexual and physical abuse for several years, and she has clearly and frankly described her work in this book. She begins be describing the context for working with her clients; then describes the….

Mental Health : Book Series. Staying Attached Fathers and Children in Troubled Times, 1st Edition By Gill Gorell Barnes This book is about the changing social contexts for fathering in the United Kingdom since the end of the Second World War, and the social moves from patriarchal fatherhood to multiple ways of doing 'dad'.

The book questions why fathers have been marginalised by therapists working with children and… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Creativity in Times of Constraint A Practitioner's Companion in Mental Health and Social Care, 1st Edition By Jim Wilson Contemporary practices in mental health and social care are increasingly characterized by approaches that overly simplify social, political, and psychological concerns.

The persistence and ubiquity of models designated to tackle diagnoses through focused technologies serve to minimize the human… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Surviving and Thriving in Care and Beyond Personal and Professional Perspectives, 1st Edition Edited by Sara Barratt , Wendy Lobatto This is a book about children who have to grow up apart from their biological parents, the impact of this on their lives and on those who look after them, and how we can respond to the challenges this poses in order that they can grow and develop in healthy directions.

Emotions and the Therapist A Systemic-Dialogical Approach, 1st Edition By Paolo Bertrando In recent years, systemic theory and practice adopted a dialogical orientation, centred on the persons of the therapist and client. The first section deconstructs the medical model with some of the current beliefs and practices shaping services whilst placing adult… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series.

Acting and Thinking Systemically

Contributors are drawn from different fields and describe models they have developed for organizational… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Culture and Reflexivity in Systemic Psychotherapy Mutual Perspectives, 1st Edition By Inga-Britt Krause The therapeutic relationship is increasingly becoming a central topic in systemic psychotherapy and cross-cultural thinking.

It is about the ways in which well-being in our relationship is crucial to a good family life with confident and… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Being with Older People A Systemic Approach, 1st Edition Edited by Eleanor Anderson , Glenda Fredman , Joshua Stott The authors of this volume take as their starting point "striking moments" in their practice with older people, their families and other practitioners. They integrate these with current systemic thinking to offer new perspectives on working with older people in a range of physical health, mental… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series.

It is intended as an easy guide and a "hands-on" tool for practitioners family therapists, clinical… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Mirrors and Reflections Processes of Systemic Supervision, 1st Edition Edited by Charlotte Burck , Gwyn Daniel In this volume, as the title indicates, the focus is on understanding and elaborating what might be said to be "going on" in supervision as well as further exploring what is distinctive about systemic supervision.

Looking at processes within systemic supervision involves engaging with the different… Paperback — Routledge The Systemic Thinking and Practice Series. Systems and Psychoanalysis Contemporary Integrations in Family Therapy, 1st Edition By Carmel Flaskas , David Pocock This book demonstrates how accomplished clinicians can promote the emergence of a richness and creativity that appeals to practitioners of systemic family therapy, not least because of the immediate relevance and usefulness of the ideas.

source link Innovations in the Reflecting Process 1st Edition Edited by Harlene Anderson , Per Jensen 'The passion to continually be on the move to seek new understanding is a characteristic of the field of family therapy and systemic thinking over the last forty years. The Performance of Practice Enhancing the Repertoire of Therapy with Children and Families, 1st Edition By Jim Wilson This book is about how to maintain an aliveness to the possibilities in therapy and practice and how to challenge ideas of orthodoxy in theory and methodologies that can become stale or followed like religions.