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It is favorable for taking medicine, especially when Mercury has a good aspect with Mars, Jupiter or Saturn, it is a good time to look for the locations of influential people. If Mercury is weak and stricken, there is a danger of fraud and fraud on the part of other people. Moon Hour. This is a favorable time for courtship and marriage, for sending children to school. At this hour, you can start the journey, but returning home from the trip, especially if it happened by water, it is better to start at another hour.

They say that this hour is favorable for communication with enemies and opponents. An hour is good for starting a friendship, especially between women and the general public. A good time for hiring a maid, as well as promotional events and opening stores, you just need to make sure that the moon is strong and well aspected.

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This hour is unfavorable for the purchase of animals, especially small ones, for the start of construction and lending money. It is not good for taking medicine, as well as for sewing clothes. Another method of choosing the most favorable time for one or another business came to us from India. Indian astrologers have noticed that the general mood of people and the course of various things change every 24 minutes. Therefore, even if you are limited in choosing the time of an important matter to just one hour, you have the opportunity to find a more or less favorable minute. There are five different tattvas in nature.

Their cycle begins at the time of sunrise and lasts two hours. Exactly two hours after sunrise, the cycle begins anew. That is, a day consists of 12 such cycles. Each tattva has its own name, color, planet-ruler and astrological significance. Akasha Tattva , the beginning cycle, expresses a principle that denies the life of everything physical, the principle of the destruction and destruction of matter.

This period is unfavorable for all types of activity, except for meditation, concentration, self-deepening and serious reflection. During the influence of this tattva, a person is inclined to pessimism, a dull mood. Often a person is not able to understand even the simplest things, perceptions slow down, forgetfulness is observed.

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The beginning of the creative process in this tattva can bring torment and suffering. The beginning of friendship or love relationships at this time brings disappointment and a quick break. Akasha is the tattva of death. A lot of people die under her influence. She brings sudden death, agony, loss of consciousness. Death at this tattva can come after a long, serious and debilitating illness.


Akasha-tattva rarely brings pregnancy, and if this happens, it can bring about the death of the mother. Vayu tattva connected with the principle of movement and speed, contacts, exchange of information.

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Vayu-tattva develops speech and feelings. It is recommended to choose this tattva for spiritual work, then it goes quickly. In general, during this tattva, it is advisable to solve problems that need a quick response. It is good to study literature, study, take excursions, give lectures or reports, and do exercises for the development of speech.

Negative influences of this period are expressed in the fact that at this time gossip, slander, lies and deceit, as well as all the vile and hidden, begin to develop. Under the influence of this tattva are cold, calculating killers.

Conception in Vayu-tattva is dangerous and can bring a lot of worries to a mother, a difficult birth and, very often, an abortion. In the continuation of the Vayu-tattva, you do not need to buy anything, as well as accept someone to work as an assistant, because this person will bring a lot of gossip, slander and intrigue.

The beginning of friendly or cordial ties in this tattva is undesirable, and a marriage concluded at this time will not be happy. This time brings fatal cases of suffocation, paralysis, poisoning or colds. Often a person born in this tattva has an unstable nervous system, is irritable or envious. Vayu-tattva brings disappointment through money, through the loss of the homeland for a long time or through illnesses that are expressed in insufficient organ activity, in high temperature, fever, etc.

Tejas tattva gives a person a lot of energy, productive forces and the desire for contradiction, mental struggle. Freedom, ability, and great deeds are influenced by this tattva.

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Its principle is hot; tejas causes an excess of heat in the body. At this time, a person can bathe in the coldest water, without catching a cold, he is drawn to spicy food. Eyes become sharper. Treatment of painful manifestations leads to improvement. This time is favorable for undertakings in hostilities, in enterprises associated with fire or iron, weapons, machines and with actions that require courage and strength. The adverse influence of the Tejas-tattva is reflected in the fact that a person has a tendency to aggressive actions, jealousy, a desire to argue.

During this tattva, the biggest gossip, misunderstanding, anger, debate and struggle begin. Marriage at this time is also undesirable, spouses will constantly struggle for excellence in the family. In this tattva, latent diseases appear that cannot be cured, i. Tejas disrupts the functioning of organs, but gives the body greater resistance.

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It is undesirable precisely in this tattva to take urgent surgical interventions. The tejas tattva is unfavorable for travel and travel. Conception in this tattva is unfavorable for the mother; it can bring surgical interventions. A person born under the influence of Tejas, in spite of the best upbringing, must make a lot of efforts to overcome to some extent the aggressive and belligerent nature. Prithivi tattva - the bearer of the will to live, joy, justice and love. This tattva makes the consciousness of community more alive.

It is conservative and contributes to the preservation of the existing, it is the personification of the law and justice, healthy optimism and humane actions. Prithivi-tattva is devoid of hatred, fear, envy and passion. Every business that began during this period is successful and favorable, and, moreover, it is solid and reliable. This tattva acts in a smoothing, unifying manner. Marriages concluded in these minutes proceed in harmony and love, friendship and love relationships are auspicious and durable.

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A child born in this tattva loves his parents very much and is very attached to them. During this period, a person who defends his rights will find fair judges and lawyers who successfully conduct his case. Diseases and crises that begin at this time pass safely and quickly. Anyone who begins treatment in this tattva will surely recover.

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During Prithivi-tattva, you need to start everything that is long and durable - building a house, getting a job, moving, establishing strong ties. Prithivi warms the body well and is favorable for caring for it, as well as for nutrition. It is also good during this period to conduct experiments on the treatment of skin, nerves and veins. Childbirth and pregnancy at this time proceed happily, of course, if there are no inharmonious aspects.

Apas tattva opposite in effect to the tejas tattva. The dispute that arose during the Apas Tattva will not have big consequences, it quickly ends with a truce. The fire that occurred during this time will not cause large losses, because will be paid off at the very beginning. If during this tattva a person feels a sharp pain, then it will quickly pass.

Apas acts concentratingly, and this principle is significant in all areas of life. This tattva is favorable for long trips, especially by sea. During the Apas Tattva, we have prosperity, wealth and abundance. There is no more favorable time for concluding deals, contracts, investing money, streamlining money matters.