The Diary of Road Rage

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We sincerely hope not.

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Stick to these guidelines below if you are ever a victim of road rage:. We sincerely hope you never become a victim of road rage, but if you do then you should consult with an experienced bike accident attorney immediately to understand your rights and to ensure that you are protected. Understanding your rights can bring clarity to your case. Here are a few tips that may help avoid or minimize your chance of being a victim to road rage: Carry a cell phone with you at all times.

The Diary of Road Rage By Marcus Davis

This is important for many reasons while cycling, road rage being one of the many reasons. With a cell phone you can pull over and make a quick call to the local authorities and report the road rage. You can also document your injuries and damage to your bike, as well as the general accident scene if you fall victim to road rage. It goes without saying, but we will say it anyways: be alert out there!

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This will be one of the Senators starring in another Soap-Opera Wednesday. I wish there would be a bit of O-5 to O housecleaning. Would like nothing more than that! Jocko ,Tulsi Gabbard and Joe Rogan Follow Us. Entertainment Russian man picks the wrong vehicle to road rage on. See you all in the safe lane , one on the left. I have been a professional driver my hole life and avoiding road rage means useing your head , all ideas writen are good but avoiding eye contact , always make eye contact with other drivers, limit your driving will help best to avoid road rage.

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  • I also feel changing lanes is not the best idea , as that I have trained drivers for UPS I can say accidents happen when you allow someone to change your driving habbits. Drive safe all. It is interesting to read the Comments. Also, I lived for many years in Arizona when the Road Ragers were shooting at people in cars.

    No eye contact and no horn blowing were my rules. I think there is a mood of tension in the country, and the world. We just went through a horrible Financial disaster, and people have lost their jobs. There is a lack of feeling secure. I feel that as a senior citizen. Time management is about going as fast as YOU can without regard to others.

    ROAD RAGE! In a Pink Mini Cooper Drive home From Work! Dunstable - Review by Calvinscardiary

    Some people have children in their car too. Ya, get over I get that but sometimes you want to pass slower traffic. I also see people racing to a red light. We need to be much more stringent about giving out tickets for bad driving —not just speeding. Are these not rules of the road that should be observed? I am an older driver myself and try to practice good driving skills. I am the wife of a man who can not drive without cursing and tailgating.

    I finally have resorted to taking my own car when we are going to the same place.

    I knew that his driving antics bothered me, but I had no idea how much they unnerved me until I quit riding with him. I had been arriving everyplace we went completely flustered and asking for a double of whatever the first person I encountered was drinking. At present I never drink.

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    I suspect there are plenty of women and children going through the same experience. Perhaps if angry drivers would take them into consideration, they could tone it down a bit. It has been my experience that people who drive like this have a tendency toward Narcissism. With this in mind it may be asking too much to ask them to care about anyone but themselves.

    If you think about it their behavior demonstrates that they somehow want to control every other driver on the road and basically own the road.