The Torn Bible or Huberts Best Friend

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If four years of the starving-university-student If four years of the starving-university-student diet didn't kill her, this dissertation just might. All that is on Tilly's mind is finishing her work, getting her degree, and spending time with Fated and Fateless. The story is set in colonial Hong Kong and spans four decades from the late The story is set in colonial Hong Kong and spans four decades from the late s.

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Historic events that took place in that period have provided inspiration for much of the story background and some of the episodes. Wendy and Diana Friends or Foes: A collection of heroes, villains,. Friends of Foes describes 36 fascinating characters from all over the world of Dragon Warriors, Friends of Foes describes 36 fascinating characters from all over the world of Dragon Warriors, and interconnects them in a weave of plots and history that can be used to underpin any number of adventures.

There are corrupt nobles, weird Friends To the End. Five friends set to experience the summer of their lives, but in one tragic moment, My mother was a piece of work. I have one brother.

The Torn Bible; Or, Hubert's Best Friend

He lives with me. It took me years to get used to him being here. He is also the biggest slob in NC. He was so abused.

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Again, my mother was a piece of work. I have been alone to try to recover from MS and Lupus. Sometimes crowds get on my nerve so bad I have to go to Walmart in the middle of the night. I wish I had someone to really care about me. I never have. Should I be careful what I wish for? Thanks for listening. Gary I have multiple sclerosis and lupus.

I would like to hear from you. I am 65, alone, and I live on the coast of NC. Sounds nice but yesterday the heat index was I hope to hear from you. Hi Lori my name is Rose and I am exactly like you.

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So know that you are not alone. I was married for 20 years and 14 yrs ago he passed away. I was lonely so I called my one friend and we started going places. It was alot of fun. So now here I am in depression and extreme lonliness. I never had kids and my parents died. I have osteoporosis and osteoarthritis in my knees, back and ankles and also depression. Maybe if you had an old friend of the past you could give her a call. Or if you play bingo, many women go alone. I only wish you the best. May your Day be filled with joy.

If I begin to tell them anything about myself that goes on for more than 30 seconds, they start to glaze-over, or look over my shoulder for someone else to acknowledge, or make an excuse to leave. If you care to email me, let me know not sure how people post their contact info on here without it becoming public for all to see???

Hi Lori, I am not a senior 47 but my story is of yours.

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Never married, no children, no friends and my 1 unconditional friend my cat, Joey was poisoned at the age of 14 by my Narcissistic ex-boyfriend, 3 years ago. I miss him everyday and just until recently have I been able to even look at his picture with out crying.

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As I have every reason to distrust humans now; I still choose to see that not all people are bad. You seem like a very kind and good person. I felt compelled to reach out to you and tell you that. My boy died less than a month ago, if not for my girl I do not know what i would do. I have one best friend who is now in Florida.

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I am from New York City originally. I just want a friend I was thinking of a room i turned into a computer room back to a bedroom and look for somebody to share it with. Golden Girls 2 where are you lol. I spend a lot of time on facebook. Just found this blog tonight. Hi there your lifestyle is very much like mine. Hello Susan, So, so sorry for your loss. Quite a void. A family member he was and boy, do the years go by f-a-s-t!!!

Was medical for years, like y-e-a-r-sss and how I enjoy the peace and quiet that retirement brings. A house is not a home unless a pet resides in it. My philosophy!. In short, may sound funny, but I was an only child and now age 69y. Grew up with older parents and their older circle. From early morning, preparing for the day, walking my darling pet, walking club, gardening club, reading-news of the world and so on.

I have a small circle of friends, we gather X1 week, they are all seniors with their own situations and so it goes. How I see it……..

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One can be as alone OR lonely as one wants to be. By taking an active interest around me, I have no time for loneliness…Just my input and I wish you well… Whiterock, BC. I live in Northeast Georgia. I have one female furry friend inside.

And when were baby on the outside. It gets lonely I am 66 years old. I would also like to chat. I think of so many things I would like to talk about two people but just have to hold it in. Oh my. I have been alone since Last thing I want is a man around! Best friends died a year apart. Hi Susan! Sorry for your loss; it sounds like a good idea for revamping a spare room. Just be careful. I am alone as well. I just need to find some friends. I can easily talk to people at the park and they sit and talk to me but nothing ever comes of it.

I never run into them again. There are women my age where I live but they never seem to want to do anything but talk about others. I would love to meet a few friends I can get together with and becomes close friends to do things with.