UFOs in Morelia

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Monday, April 26, 2010

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Australia and Oceania. Bosnia and Herzegovina. Congo Brazzaville. Congo Kinshasa. Cote D'Ivoire. Czech Republic. El Salvador.

French Polynesia. Hong Kong. New Zealand. North Korea. Northern Ireland. March Provence, France Sunday Elazig Turkey Sunday February December Furbo, Galway Ireland Sunday November Jumeirah Park, Jumeirah Dubai Sunday September Belleville, Illinois United States Monday April Vita, Manitoba, Canada Monday They say that a ghost out every night to pray at the church doors.

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Government of Aguascalientes State. Archived from the original on December 28, Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 21 September Countless stories and firsthand witnesses relating to spirits and ghosts in the courtyard of the hotel. Nayarit, Mexico. Retrieved 28 December El Heraldo de Chihuahua in Spanish. Chihuahua, Mexico. Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Retrieved 30 June Oddity Central. Mexico Less Traveled. Lost Planet Media. Retrieved 24 June This area is called "The Dead Zone" because a group of oil company workers searching for drilling sites found that no radio or TV communication could be transmitted here. Also called "Mar de Tetys", electromagnetic waves are blamed for the anomaly.

Multicolored balls of light, alien like creatures, and the apparition of a tall fair haired man have been reportedly seen here.

UFO filmed in Morelia, Mexico

Retrieved 25 March Don Quijote. Tamaulipas, Mexico.


Inexplicata-The Journal of Hispanic Ufology: Mexico: An Alleged UFO Recorded over Morelia

Retrieved 24 December Journey Mexico. Retrieved 17 May It was the year and Casa Parque was used a barrack for the soldiers during the Independence War. After the war ended the mansion was purchased by a rich family from the region.

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Their gardener had a granddaughter named Maria Teresa. Stricken by grief over her loss, Maria Teresa fell ill and died short after. Ever since then it is said that her spirit is still looking for the grandfather and once in a while she supposedly appears in the gardens feeding the squirrels or in the kitchen looking for goodies Constructed between a , Casa Caballo had a butler named Gustavo.

His passion was to attend to the people of the house; he loved to chat while serving the morning coffee. Gustavo always was ready to give advice when needed. He was highly respected and well liked by all. Retrieved 15 May Part of the facilities of the San Francisco Javier hacienda were appointed to bring several services, so, by it turned into a shelter and hospital, remaining like this for one year until it was shot down The property was bought by Don Manuel Quezada Brandy.

Mexico: TV Azteca.

They record in video the spectacular sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city

Retrieved 12 December Then there is the true tale about the so-called "House of Mummies" in Guanajuato. The greedy operators who operate the adjoining cemetery and catacombs of the dead beneath the city charge families of the dead rent to keep their loved ones buried.

If there's no one who can or will pay the fee, they dig the body up and prop him or her in the adjoining "museum" where they then charge tourists to come in and look. The dry climate and properties of the soil mummify the corpses, and thus - instant museum show! Not surprisingly, there are ghost stories, including the cries of babies, an apparition of a "tall" lady, and strange whispering sounds. Daily Mail. United Kingdom.

Retrieved 15 February A mysterious, centuries-old mummified girl is one of the most attention-getting people in the historic center of Guadalajara, Mexico. According to one legend, the girl was stabbed to death in Mexico in the s by her father, who, disapproving of her interest in Catholicism, was enraged when she received the Eucharist without his permission. Santa Inocencia gained more fame around the globe when, in , a visitor posted a video on YouTube that supposedly showed the little girl opening her eyes.

Haunted Cemetery Legends".

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  • UFOs Video-Taped Over Morelia, Michoacán!
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El Informador in Spanish. Jalisco, Mexico. Del Arco, Alberto Reporter. Rivas, Laura Medium. Milenio Diario in Spanish. GDL Tours.

UFOs in Morelia

Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 14 November El Universal in Spanish. El Economista. Anthony Wright. Terra Networks Mexico. Mexico City, Mexico. Retrieved 8 November October 31, Retrieved 28 August Es la llamada Casa Negra de la Colonia Roma.