Wintario Lottery Jackpot Winner

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Wintario Lottery Jackpot Winner

Join Us! Available only in Ontario. Play mulitple Ontario Lottario selections on one ticket. Ask for a Quick Pick or select six numbers from a field of 1 to 45 You will receive a ticket with your numbers plus a free random set of numbers for each board you play. You can also play these games with Ontario Lottario. Ontario Encore.

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Early Bird 6 27 40 Ontario Encore Results Hot Numbers. Join Today For These Numbers.


Ever since the enhancement, Lottario has produced some pretty impressive top prizes. The odds of winning the Lottario jackpot are 1 in 4,, The biggest jackpot in the history of the game fell in A single ticket buyer became 3. The second biggest jackpot in the history of the game fell in May The lucky ticket was bought in Peterborough on the day of the drawing and it resulted in a 3. Together with 20 other men, Columbo decided to test out the system. They did end up winning the jackpot and each man cashed out a cheque for , dollars.

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Other than the jackpot, Lottario has 7 additional prize tiers. The lowest one is a free ticket. People who match 3 out of 6 numbers can expect to win 4 dollars and the odds of that happening are 1 in The second biggest prize after the jackpot is 10, dollars and the odds are 1 in , Participants in the Early Bird draw can expect to win an additional amount of 50, dollars if they manage to get the 4 early bird numbers correct.

Players who win a Lottario prize will need to make a claim within one year from the date of the drawing. For prizes exceeding 1, dollars, players will be asked to fill out a Lottery Prize Claim Declaration Form.

The form is available on the official Lottario website. Prizes are paid out in the form of a cheque.

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For groups and syndicates, individual cheques are issued to every single winning member. If you are an international player, however, you should be prepared to pay taxes on the basis of local regulations in your country of origin.

International players can choose an online lottery agent of preference for the purpose of acquiring Lottario tickets. The online agent will have local reps in Canada who will be responsible for buying tickets on behalf of clients. There is a lot to love about Lottario and ever since the change in the structure of the game, it has become quite attractive to individuals who are interested in bigger jackpots.

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An old and well-established lottery game that is administered by a national entity. Rule changes that occurred in increased the speed with which the jackpot grows. Some of the shortcomings include the following:.