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At its lowest points, witchcraft stopped being subversive or frightening and became just another costume.

The Trump administration represented a breaking point for many women. But, partly, this political awakening was just a matter of stripping back our denial to realise how we had always been living: yes, Trump was accused of sexual misconduct, but so were several previous presidents. Yes, supreme court justice Kavanaugh was confirmed over reports of sexual assault, but the same thing had happened 30 years ago with Clarence Thomas.

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Yes, Roe v Wade was going to fall, but in most parts of the US, abortion access had been stripped so far down that it might as well be illegal. Patriarchy had been the truth all along. It was progress that was the phantom. The witch lives between dark and daylight, the safely settled village and the wild unknown of the woods beyond.

The backlash years of the early 21st century revealed to many women something we had always suspected: we had never belonged to that daylight world.

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We had tried; we had worked; we had been loyal to the rules and values of society as we knew it. But, no matter how far we thought we had come, or how often our mothers told us we could do anything, we still lived within a system that used female bodies as grist to maintain male rule.

In the story that patriarchy told about itself, we were always going to be the villains. And if that was the case, we might as well make some magic out of it. Don Miguel Ruiz. Oprah Winfrey. Charlie Mackesy. Ryan Holiday. Robert B.


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Courtney Peppernell. Angela Duckworth. Patrizia Collard. Steven Pressfield. Eckhart Tolle.

A Witch’s Prayer For Aid Against Flood Damage

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. Vex King. Marie Kondo. Tony Robbins.

Kristin Neff. David D. Charles Duhigg. Julia Cameron. Ben Angel. Louise Hay. Hal Elrod. Tim S.

Nancy F. Sarah Knight. Elizabeth Gilbert.

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Witches Unite in a Spell Against Flood Damage in Texas

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